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Lakenheath Gathering in San Antonio

7 April, 2015

There was a gathering of Lakenheath Lancers in San Antonio over the weekend of 4-5 April (folks who attended high school at RAF Lakenheath, UK). Photos below and at:

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Don’t take my picture!



Terrie’s Birthday

16 February, 2010

Terrie celebrated her birthday (a big birthday ending in Oh!) by wearing a tutu at the Chateau Marmont. (more…)

Nutty Jazz Tonight

21 October, 2009


Nutty Jazz in the OC

15 August, 2009


Mt. Wilson Solar Tower

3 May, 2009

I guess we all know it is quite impossible to keep up with all the wonderful blogs in the world. It’s a sad, but true, fact of life.

Still, I came across a blog post this morning that shouldn’t be missed. The amazing Christina over at A Thinking Stomach has posted wonderful photos and a lovely description of her trip to the Mt. Wilson Solar Tower. I think Christina is a wonderful writer. Here’s one of her photos to entice you to pop over there post haste.


Photo by Christina. Oh heck, one more photo…


I’m off to think about what Julia Child and Albert Einstein might have said to each other. Thank you, Christina, for setting the scene.

Why I Love the Internet: Reason #3

9 April, 2009

I have a lot of work at the moment, which is good, but I feel that I’m neglecting this blog. Frankly, I’m neglecting your blog too. I’ll try to catch up this weekend.

Why I love the Internet Reason #3: This morning I woke up singing “Lonely Boy” — it just popped into my head. (Sadly, the version in that link above is missing the all-important high note at the end. This is all I can find.) People, that song is classic 70’s pop. I love those lyrics, riddled with shameless sibling rivalry. Lonely Boy is a song that can really be belted out in the shower or your local karaoke bar.

Andrew Gold is the singer/songwriter. But did you know that his mother is Marni Nixon? And did you know she was born Margaret McEathron in Altadena in 1930? I didn’t, and now I do, and that’s Reason #3 why I love the Internet. AND Andrew’s father was Ernest Gold, a composer who worked on countless film and television scores, including one of my all time favs, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. (Fav line: Lennie Pike: But… this is a little girl’s bike. This is for a little girl.)

Now, let’s peek into this kitchen.


It’s lovely in a timeless 20th century sort of way, isn’t it?

A Death and A Birth

30 December, 2008

Photo by The Scout

My condolences to the family and friends of Neil Barry. Neil was a fellow parishioner at Church of the Angels. He had a 6 year struggle with pancreatic cancer. Neil was an avid 49ers fan, and after church we’d stand on the sunny patio and talk football. He wore these sunglasses:


Still, I managed to take Neil seriously. RIP, Neil. Your 49ers just beat my father’s Redskins, 27-24.

* * * * *

Welcome to Navah, daughter of Dave (Pa Kettle) and E, and sister of Ronen.


I was honored to be there just after Navah made her grand entrance. My role was to keep an eye on Ronen, who is one of the world’s smartest three year-olds. Ronen said, “I’m going to draw a beautiful picture for the baby. I’m going to draw a baseball diamond!” (Sadly, he will grow up a Mets fan, but some things can’t be helped.)

Happy Birthday, Navah!

In Which I Am Reduced to Tears

27 December, 2008

Oh YOU!  You nice, nice people!!!  YOU lovely, kind-hearted souls!  THANK YOU for the gift of in-home, his-and-hers massages for The Scout and me.

You didn’t see but I opened the envelope and burst into tears.  Heard of projectile vomiting?  I was projectile crying.  LC had to sprint for the box of tissues.  THANK YOU!


Halloween 2008

2 November, 2008

I enjoyed the festivities at the Venetian Theatre and Bistro in Hillsboro, Oregon. Photos here. How entirely appropriate that I would be at the place where Liz the Nurse won best costume (since I’m in Oregon because my mom is in the hospital). Turns out the owner of the Venetian is on the board of the hospital’s foundation—a happy serendipity for me.

The best part? The trombone guy handed me the cowbell and let me have at it. More cowbell, indeed.

Second Life & Public Health

12 August, 2008

Follow this link to see a really cool video about how public health professionals are using Second Life. They had me at ‘virtual tour of the testes.’

Mind you, I’m no maven of Second Life like Queen of Spain is. I’m trying to cope with First Life.