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Halloween 2008

I enjoyed the festivities at the Venetian Theatre and Bistro in Hillsboro, Oregon. Photos here. How entirely appropriate that I would be at the place where Liz the Nurse won best costume (since I’m in Oregon because my mom is in the hospital). Turns out the owner of the Venetian is on the board of the hospital’s foundation—a happy serendipity for me.

The best part? The trombone guy handed me the cowbell and let me have at it. More cowbell, indeed.


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4 thoughts on “Halloween 2008

  1. I hope you’re getting to “have at” the cowbell, some good wine, maybe a pillow or to to wham at, whatever you need to keep your stress down. I’m glad you already voted. 🙂 Thank you. Let us know how you are.

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