This is the blather of Kelly L.C. Russell. I’m a military brat and a Dodgers fan.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice job, Kel!

    I was a blog virgin heretofore. Now I feel like a real (21st century) man. Strangely enough, I’m craving a smoke…

    In the words of the Governator: I’ll be back!

    Go well,

    K E V C A R R

  2. Hi, Kelly. Just stumbled across your blog yesterday. I’m going to mention it in a periodic e-mail I send out to about 350 women in the greater Pasadena area called Wired Women. I’d be happy to add your address to the distribution list if you’re interested. E-mail me.

    Another lefty Episcopalian

  3. Hi Kelly, Very happy to have found your site after having shared a few comments on TOPIX. Got directed here by someone who seems to have posted on your site several months ago. Love your birthday glasses!

  4. Hi Kelly, My name is drew meredith I am an old friend of Tim Down. I have lost touch with him and did a search for him and I stumbled on to your blog. I see that Tim has several photos on you blog. Do you work for Tim? If so would you pass along my message that I would love to reconnect with him.
    Thanks very much,

  5. Hi Kelly,

    My name is Kendall and we happened to meet briefly last night at Carrie Brownstein’s memoir conversation. My wife Gen and I just wanted to say how unbelievably appreciative we are of your generous wedding gift to us, along with your very, very kind words. We weren’t sure how to contact you, so I’m hoping this is okay!

    Much love,
    Kendall and Gen

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