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Mt. Wilson Solar Tower

I guess we all know it is quite impossible to keep up with all the wonderful blogs in the world. It’s a sad, but true, fact of life.

Still, I came across a blog post this morning that shouldn’t be missed. The amazing Christina over at A Thinking Stomach has posted wonderful photos and a lovely description of her trip to the Mt. Wilson Solar Tower. I think Christina is a wonderful writer. Here’s one of her photos to entice you to pop over there post haste.


Photo by Christina. Oh heck, one more photo…


I’m off to think about what Julia Child and Albert Einstein might have said to each other. Thank you, Christina, for setting the scene.


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

6 thoughts on “Mt. Wilson Solar Tower

  1. Oh cool! Great photos, I’ll head over to check them out.

    How did I not know that Julia Childs was from Pasadena?!

  2. I was in the area last Sunday. The observatory is a treasure. You usually don’t find much of a crowd. On one visit I met up with a large family of Italian tourist renting a RV. They had chosen a visit to the observatory over Disneyland. Now they seemed a little disappointed.

  3. Ditto AmyR. When I found out Julia Child was from Pasadena I was shocked. Why isn’t she in all the publicity, like Jackie Robinson?

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