Terrie’s Birthday

Terrie celebrated her birthday (a big birthday ending in Oh!) by wearing a tutu at the Chateau Marmont.

Julia, her chihuahua puppy, misbehaved badly, lunging at food and licking the ramekin filled with butter.  I suggested we relocate to a dog park.

Leave the Chateau?  No, no, the afternoon light at the Chateau is too lovely.  They don’t allow photos, so you’ll have to go see it for yourself.

Happy Birthday, Terrie!

2 Responses to “Terrie’s Birthday”

  1. Susan C Says:

    Terrie looks fabulous in a leotard and tutu. If I had her back and legs, I’d wear a tutu to Chateau Marmont too.

  2. Petrea Says:

    So all photos taken in the ladies’ room, I assume? I’ve never been to the Chateau Marmont. Guess I’d better go one of these days.

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