In Which I Am Reduced to Tears

Oh YOU!  You nice, nice people!!!  YOU lovely, kind-hearted souls!  THANK YOU for the gift of in-home, his-and-hers massages for The Scout and me.

You didn’t see but I opened the envelope and burst into tears.  Heard of projectile vomiting?  I was projectile crying.  LC had to sprint for the box of tissues.  THANK YOU!


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4 Responses to “In Which I Am Reduced to Tears”

  1. Petrea Says:


    LC had the idea. She did the sneaking around behind your back and finagling and of course organizing. She plus everyone else sent love.

  2. Miss Havisham's Tea Party Says:

    Heh! I’ll just hide my eyes.

  3. Cafe Observer Says:

    A Massage?
    Does that feel as good as it sounds.
    How’s about combined with your fav food!
    I’ll take a foot & paw massage – that’s all – I’m ez.

  4. susan kitchens Says:

    Massage and spa made of words? There are times when words are simply not enough. 😉 Enjoy!

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