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Church of the Angels 2

Petrea’s still at it (here is a reverse of the photo below, and here is where you might sit if all the pews are full, and there is a shot of an upstairs room not seen by many here). Call me a copycat person who thinks it is fun to complement what Petrea is doing.  I’m going to post a few more Church of the Angels photos too.

(Click to biggify.) What with this being a company town and all, Church of the Angels has been used as a filming location several times.

Heathers. Lawnmower Man (exterior only).

Assorted episodes of JAG. The West Wing. Desperate Housewives.

Even this video with Mick Jagger (press play and get yourself a glass of water…it’s toward the end).

Yeah, we are not above making a buck. Ninety percent of filming income goes to help with the upkeep of the building. Believe me, it’s not cheap to keep this building and the parish hall and the rectory in good repair.

The other ten percent is designated for causes/projects recommended by parishioners.

I’m happy to report that these guys are going to summer day camp.


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7 thoughts on “Church of the Angels 2

  1. I think that is a Michael Romanek video. The same director that did One Hour Photo.

    Music videos even as late as 2001 were produced with basically no money. I have no idea why that is. It was impossible to get a decent budget.

    Angelina working for free or under another name? Maybe.

  2. Nah! Couldn’t be Angelina. It’s that other actress that looks like her…hmmm what is her name? I have the dumb.

  3. Let me just add this: Advertisers, ie. commercials have vetty fat budgets. I know advertisers are complaining about productions fees, etc. but that is just silly. Advertisers have the money and they are getting such a practically free deal on the internut that they can afford production of new media formats. God. It makes me mad.

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