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Getting Ready for Obon

For those of us who grew up with seasons, southern California is a challenge.

Southern California does have seasons, but they are subtle.

Pasadena has a few deciduous trees, but they lose their leaves in early December. So pretty leaves and the holiday season are way mushed together.

This is the time of year when I hear music wafting around my back yard. Not just any music. Obon music. I peek through the fence and see these folks practicing for the upcoming Obon Festival.

Why is this important information? Because the best teriyaki chicken in the whole wide world is made by the good people of the Pasadena Buddhist Church.

Yeah, just like in Mary Poppins, there’s a run on the bank. But discerning palates will be lining up for teriyaki chicken this weekend. Throw in dancing, taiko drumming, and games for the kids and you’ve got yourself a nice festival.

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