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Independence Day

Petrea said something very interesting yesterday. She said she’s never again going to buy a car that runs on gasoline. Ever. Again. Not even a hybrid.

I agree that the gas-powered internal combustion engine is SO last century. I would like to join Petrea in saying that I too will never buy a gasoline-powered vehicle again. This means giving up the idea of getting a mid-life crisis car for my next birthday ending with zero. But what was I thinking anyway? Of course I’d rather have a trip to Paris. Or Buenos Aires. Or Shanghai. Jeez, for the price of a car I could go around the world.


The Scout probably will have to buy another gas-powered car for work at some point, because auto makers are coming out with alternative fuel vehicles very slowly.

Still, I like the idea of today being “independence from gas-powered cars” day. Walk-Bus-n-Bike-a-dena!


Oh, you may make fun of the proposed mylar balloon ban. But they do junk up the neighborhood.


We need some Scouty goodness.