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Flyers Away

At least three or four times a week, someone leaves a flyer (or a business card) on our front door.

(Pardon the hand-held fuzziness.) Over the years, there has been a lot of hue and cry about what essentially amounts to the organized distribution of litter in Pasadena. My guess is that this is not just a Northwest Pasadena issue, though I’m sure the flyer guys don’t tackle the hills of Linda Vista on a regular basis.

All the excess paper really bugs my neighbor Steve. If he’s outside when the flyer guys pass by, he shoos them away.

If the flyer distributor can’t get to the front door, there are alternatives available. Gates are handy.

Very handy indeed.

Lots of flyers just end up loose.

These are all Altadena Dental flyers. Proctor and Gamble gets in on the action in a more upscale less recyclable fashion: the plastic bag holder.

As I walked along, I found the guy doing the damage. Here, he’s putting a flyer directly into someone’s mail box. I believe this is illegal.

I hope he appreciates how I protected his identity by cropping his head off.

Sigh. Flyers are here to stay, I’m sure.

Is your doorstep routinely peppered with flyers? Is that Pizza Man pizza any good?