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Church of the Angels 3

Ah, history. We’d like to know the whole story, but the mists of time the shroud of mystery we don’t.

If this blog had a sound track, right now you’d be hearing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. (I particularly like the bit starting at 2:50.)

Fun fact to know: Fr. Robert J. Gaestel, who has been at Church of the Angels for over 25 years, was given this year’s Outstanding Volunteer Service Award by the Pasadena Police Department. Yeah, he packs responsible heat.

A beautiful building is, at the end of the day, just another place. It’s the human element that makes a difference.

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3 thoughts on “Church of the Angels 3

  1. Very, very well said, Kelly.

    It’s been fun doing this with you. I’ve really enjoyed your photos and your words.

    I have to say, the Mick Jagger video was a bonus.

  2. A beautiful church indeed. The family has worshiped there for years and your pictures remind me of many memories, standing on those steps, in the aisle, in that “secret room” or down the stairs to the bathrooms below.

    If I listen carefully, I can still hear my grandfather singing hymns in the pews. At one time, we had 4 generations in the pews on occasion (which, if you know the church, meant our small contingent took up a large portion of the church!). You are correct in stating the building is beautiful—though I no longer attend, it has always moved me in more than a spiritual way.

    I have to disagree with you a bit. I think if the fugue were played in all its glory in CotA, it might blow the walls off! Or at least overpower parishioners. 😉

    Father Gaestel has served the church well. I recall when he was new and the change from Father Percy was somewhat uneasy for parishioners. Luncheons, dinners, teas and a host of sermons later and there he is, still going along just fine. Amazing what happens in 25 years!

    Thanks for the pictures!

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