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Ever So Pleased

Today I got a new toy–a wireless network for my house. For years, all at-home computing has been done in a corner of the living room, the corner where the cable comes up through the floor and into the cable modem. The corner of the living room is a fine place, but my house is small, so the living room is the family room is the “great room” (who made that word couplet up?). In other words, when you’re not in bed, in the bathroom, or in the kitchen, you are in the one L-shaped room that is living and dining room. And that’s where the tv is.

Maybe my Zen quotient is low, but I find it difficult to really focus on something else when the tv is on and making noise. “Mute” is my favorite button on the remote. Now, I will be able to escape to the bedroom if I want to surf in quiet. I will be able to go in the yard when the weather is fine.

It’s nice to be a Mac user. You can choose your level of geekiness, rather than having it be thrust upon you (PC users know what I mean). It was ever so easy to set up AirPort Extreme, that cute little flying-saucer-bundle-of-Internet-love, and I am ever so pleased to be sitting on the couch instead of my gawdawful desk chair as I post this.


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