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Upright and Locked Position

It is time for this blog to take off, so please put your tray table in the upright and locked position. 

I am a fan of the tray table.  I like to write on it, and in a pinch I’ll pile it with as many pillows as I can wrest from the flight attendant and attempt to sleep.  (Caution: This method can be hazardous to your neck.)

Once again, 2020 Hindsight has kicked my blogger butt.  Here’s the meme…one or more nights spent in different places during 2005…my list is below (organized roughly by number of nights spent from most to least).

Pasadena, California

Beaverton, Oregon

Sydney, Australia

New York, New York

Montclair, New Jersey

Tampa, Florida

Ithaca, New York

Rochester, New York

Astoria, Oregon

Half Moon Bay, California

Rapid City, South Dakota

Key West, Florida

Vancouver, Washington

Great Falls, Montana

East Glacier, Montana

Whitefish, Montana

Forestville, California

Palm Springs, California

Desert Hot Springs, California

Palm Desert, California

Ridgecrest, California

Death Valley, California

My recommendation for you from the list above on what to put on your list of “places to go before I die”…Glacier National Park in Montana.  A world class destination with spectacular scenery that shouldn’t be missed if at all possible.  And go before the glaciers melt (yes, they are melting).