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Java Jive

You know those financial people on tv–the talking heads that try to help you with your personal finances so that you’ll be able to retire one day?  They all keep trying to wean us from our morning coffee from our favorite coffee shop.  They keep saying things like “…that three dollars a day you’re spending on coffee could go into your retirement account…” 

I’ve listened to them for a long time, and dutifully made my morning beverage at home.  But yesterday I stopped by a local purveyor of java (yes, I am embarrassed to admit it was Starbucks…one of the ones owned by Magic Johnson–his head shot is on the wall).  I walked in and realized that I was seeing the morning answer to the question, “Where da party at?”  The place was packed, everyone was laughing and joking, and Jesse Jackson would have marvelled at the rainbow-ness of it all.

Those financial people are wrong.  The way to save for retirement is drive your car ’til it dies, watch your old tv ’til it dies, and try to save the old-fashioned way…by simply setting aside some money.  That coffee stop in the morning is all about community.  It’s starting the day with familiar smiling faces and a great cup of joe in your hand.

I think I’ve found a happy habit…and I’m sticking to it.  After all, those folks are my neighbors.



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4 thoughts on “Java Jive

  1. That’s right, call those financial peeps on their bull****. Then again, it’s a different thing to for them to do their wacked out commutes to some cubicle farm in Financial Analyst Land, and another thing entirely for the self-employed writer at home to get the butt out the door. Two completely different lifestyles.

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