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Photo Friday

Blah, blah, blah. I’ve got too much work to blog properly, but I owe you an update. My friend A is doing well, though she will never return to her doctor again (she’ll get a new one). Sample conversation with Doc prior to recent surgery:

A: But I’m still having pain—something isn’t right.

Doc: Oh, everything is fine. You’ll be fine.

A: But I don’t feel well. The pain comes and goes, and sometimes I’m nauseous.

Doc: Don’t you know how many of these surgeries I’ve done? You’re fine.

A’s ovary had become engorged with blood and she had a small cyst. So they took out the ovary and the cyst. In a subsequent visit to the ED, the physician there (different guy) told A that they didn’t take out the cyst, but that it is very small. A was (quite understandably) very upset to hear this news, so she jettisoned her doc and has been going to County for her follow-up.


It’s the economy, stupid: Today is trash day on my street, and in the 10 minutes that it has taken me to write this, two guys have come by to rifle through our bins. I heard a couple more people earlier—You locals (or anyone with curbside recycling) probably have had the experience of waking up in the early morning light to the sound of your empties clinking their final farewell to you. The last guy had long arms and gloves…essential for reaching down to the bottom where the last two plastic bottles were lurking (tonic water, if you must know).

And now, as promised, the photo (courtesy of The Scout):



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5 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. I always wondered if the bin-perusal was just a thing that happened in my neighborhood. One reason why I curse the bedroom facing the street….

    Photo is warm, makes the street look cozy.

  2. It crossed my mind that perhaps A’s doctor lied to her and talked down to her because she’s a) female and b) non-white. But I hearkened back to when my father was hospitalized during a serious trauma. My father was a) male and b) white. The doctor was so supercilious that my brother threatened him, and I, the peace-lover, cheered him on.

    I think most doctors are not like this. Consumers can fire them and find better care if they’re a) self-confident and b) fortunate enough to have a PPO.

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