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Sarah Palin & Trig

Dear Main Stream Media: We bloggers love the truth. So could you please figure this out (since you don’t trust us): Is Sarah Palin Trig’s mother, or is she Trig’s grandmother? Because if there’s one thing a grrl doesn’t like, it’s being told a lie.

This photo is from a MySpace page that is now set to private (courtesy of Cajun Boy and via suchandrika, author of To Strive, To Seek, To Find):

The original caption on MySpace read: “Mommy Inlaw Trig and Myself” and was on the page of Mercede (aka: Sadie), Levi Johnston’s sister (Levi is reportedly the father of Bristol Palin’s baby). You can see photos from the MySpace page, preserved as a Google doc, here.

The caption on this photo reads: “My self and my new baby brother, TriggyBear:) Most adorable little man ever.” If this is Bristol and Levi’s baby, it kind of makes sense that Sadie would refer to him as “baby brother” even though she is technically his aunt. If Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby, it makes no sense at all.

UPDATE 3 September: Yes, if Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby, then Trig is Sadie’s brother-in-law-to-be. But it seems much more likely that Sadie would post pictures of her own brother’s offspring on her MySpace page, rather than the offspring of the parents of her sister-in-law-to-be (Bristol). If Trig is Levi’s kid, the relationship between Sadie and Trig is much closer (blood relatives, in fact). Which makes more sense: My brother’s baby is like my baby brother — Or the son of my mother-in-law-to-be is like my baby brother? Try to think like a teenager as you answer this question.

suchandrika’s post: Archive of Sarah, Bristol, Trig Palin myspace pictures – “The four most important pictures with captions.”

suchandrika’s other post: Sarah Palin and Bristol and Trig on MySpace – Wow.

I know they are telling us that Bristol is five months pregnant. That’s what they’re telling us. It doesn’t mean it is true. There are lots of really strange things about this whole deal.

But it’s the preposterousness of Palin’s birth story that I can’t wrap my head around. She starts leaking amniotic fluid (a clear sign that labor is about to begin). She flies from Texas back to Alaska, which is considered risky during the latter weeks of pregnancy, and seems especially suspect since she had a high-risk pregnancy. It’s too hard to believe she would not deliver in the hospital in Anchorage (the one with the NICU) and go to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center instead (references to Trig have been removed from the Mat-Su site). And during this time, Bristol is out of school with mono. Here’s the Anchorage Daily News article that raises red flags for me, and here’s a quote:

Still, a Sacramento, Calif., obstetrician who is active in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said when a pregnant woman’s water breaks, she should go right to the hospital because of the risk of infection. That’s true even if the amniotic fluid simply leaks out, said Dr. Laurie Gregg.

“To us, leaking and broken, we are talking the same thing. We are talking doctor-speak,” Gregg said.

Some airlines have policies against pregnant women onboard during the last four weeks of pregnancy, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises against flying after 36 weeks.

This was going to be Palin’s last flight anyway, her doctor said.

Alaska Airlines has no such rule and leaves the decision to the woman and her doctor, said spokeswoman Caroline Boren. Palin was very pleasant to the gate agents and flight attendants, as always, Boren said.

“The stage of her pregnancy was not apparent by observation. She did not show any signs of distress,” Boren said.

Palin never got big with this pregnancy. She said she didn’t try to hide it but didn’t feel a need to alert the airline, either.

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There’s a whole lot out there folks. If you’re not already on overload, check out this post on mudflats, along with the many comments.

UPDATE: This article from the Washington Post quotes Palin’s biographer: ” …’Someone who was in a meeting with her recently said she was discreetly nursing Trig,’ said Palin’s biographer Kaylene Johnson.”

Despite the fact that this post looks like I’m completely convinced there’s a cover-up, I still would like some hard evidence one way or the other. Can we just give the kid a DNA test?

Why isn’t proud Papa Palin holding his son Trig? Why was that job given to Bristol?


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  1. Ok, so let’s look at what we have- underage drinking (unless you can drink at 17 in Alaska), FAKE Scissor Gang Mafia, gun use on the back forty, and baby Daddy (who says he doesn’t want kids on his myspace)! What was McCain thinking!?! He met with Palin 1 day before he picked her and obviously did no background check- Mr. Palin had a DUI, a 17 year old single pregnant daughter (shown above in all her glory), charges of abuse of power and I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. I did like Palin’s hair when she was a sportscaster!!
    – Check out the pictures of her blowing up stuff and drinking with baby’s daddy.

  2. OK, so what are we saying here?
    1. Sadie Johnson is holding baby Trig. Are we implying it’s HERS or something? I’m confused as to what we’re supposed to be infuriated about here.
    2. She’s calling Sarah “Mommy inlaw.” Does that imply that Levi and Bristol are married ALREADY? And the Republicans are keeping it quiet for some reason? Oh, the secrets they hide! Or more likely that Levi’s sister kinda-sorta considers her brother’s girlfriend’s family as “in-laws?” And that is conspiratorial how?
    3. MySpace page set to private? Well, I WONDER WHY, since the pictures are being downloaded and analyzed like Cold War satellite pictures by every Koskiddy.
    4. Since the “Trig is really Bristol’s kid” meme was refuted yesterday (it requires one to believe a five months’ pregnant girl gave birth four months ago), why are we dragging it up again? Nostalgia for Sunday?

  3. @Tragic Christian – The photo doesn’t infuriate me, the photo and its caption intrigues me. If there’s nothing to hide, then why set the MySpace page to private? Please show me where and how the “Trig is really Bristol’s kid” meme was refuted yesterday.

    @Susan C – Yes, I think they are lying about that too, and I just updated my post to reflect that.

  4. I can’t believe the brouhaha over this teen pregnancy. It happens, teens and hormones are not a good combo.

    The in-law thing. I wonder if it will be no bfd when it all settles out. I called my “in-laws” that after we were engaged for the sake of simplicity.

    What bothers me is the whole conspiracy thing centering on a kid. An innocent baby and a teen who made a mistake. Leave the kids alone already. Has our political divides gone to the point where attacking kids is acceptable?

    There are bigger fish to fry in the VP selection. The two years reportedly running on an independant ticket that included declaring their own independance and creating their own country. What about allegations of firing a highway patrol officer who somehow jilted her sister, that is juicy and worth digging facts up.

    My point. Leave the kids alone already.

    All that said. I want to crawl under a rock until this election is over. It has the worst two candidates to chose from since I have been voting. The acrimonious exchanges from the extremes running the two parties has escalated to the point it isn’t even mildly entertaining any more. For those of us in the middle it really has become a sad state of affairs and we just want a candidate to surface that we can believe in.

  5. “If there’s nothing to hide, then why set the MySpace page to private? ”

    “Private” and “hiding” are two different things. If I asked you “what color is your underwear,” you’d snap back “none of your damn business,” slap me hard, and you’d be right. Just because there are private things you don’t wish to share with the world doesn’t mean you’re “hiding” anything. My social security number is private, but it doesn’t mean I’m “hiding” it. And when your just-between friends Myspace page suddenly goes global, I can see why you’d want to keep every numbskull in the world from having access to it.

    “Please show me where and how the “Trig is really Bristol’s kid” meme was refuted yesterday.”

    First, let’s phrase the proposition properly: there was no convincing evidence ever presented that Trig IS Bristol’s kid — a lot of fevered innuendo, but no evidence. Burden of proof is on those who make the proposition, and an extraordinary statement like that requires extraordinary proof. What you’re saying is, “I’m making a ridiculous statement that I cannot prove. Now, you disprove it.”

    be that as it may, look here:

    I regret I didn’t bookmark the several pictures of pregnant Gov. Palin i saw yesterday; if I find them again, I’ll send ’em your way.

    Bottom line, tho’ is: if Trig was really Bristol’s, why conceal it? Why is having a pregnant teenager something the Alaska governor must conceal but the major party vice-presidential candidate reveals to all and sundry? And Bristol is apparently ready to spawn again just after giving birth (or BEFORE giving birth, if you count the months) This makes no sense at all.

    Oh, and “can we just give the kid a DNA test?” Why? Usually DNA tests are to find criminals or absent daddies — nobody is disputing Trig’s parentage except for fevered conspiracy theorists with no proof to offer. If anybody asked for my DNA to satisfy their idle curiosity, I would comply by spitting in their face.

  6. Why won’t you guys let this go? Trigg is Sarah Palin’s child, plain and simple. How do we know this?

    1. The likelihood of giving birth to a child with down syndrome is much higher in older women. Numbers vary, but according to two sources, it is either 1 in 20 to 1 in 35, compared to the fact that down syndrome in babies from younger mothers is 1 in 2600(?).

    2. Bristol Palin, the daughter everyone seems so eager to attack is 5 months pregnant, while Trigg is 4 months old. Do your math… On that note, I am revolted at what I have been reading with reference to this. Some of you people just complete lack a soul…

    3. Hot Air debunked this yesterday, even has pictures to prove it.

    It took me 5 minutes and a search engine… Now, I am not so naive to think that I am the greatest investigator on the net, which means you all knew about this proof and YET still put out this trash. So are you saying only liberal teenagers can get pregnant? You sure loved the movie Juno, but I guess you don’t like the real stories of young mothers… Why? Maybe you think she should have had an abortion, after all, you are pro-choice right? Well she did choose, she chose to keep the baby… ACCEPT IT!

  7. “If Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby, it makes no sense at all.” Um? Yes it does. If Sadie’s brother marries Bristol, that makes Bristol her sister-in-law and all of her siblings as well.

  8. I was thinking the same thing, tonyj!

    Surely there are more important things to look at here! But somehow I predict that there will be no retraction or even a note in the comments acknowledging this.

    The best “evidence” is that Palin flew back when she began to leak. Take it from me: another red herring here. As for Dr. Gregg’s observation, yes, women who leak should go to the doctor immediately, but that doesn’t mean they will induce labor on the spot. My wife leaked for days before she went into labor with our third, and what’s more, both her doctor and the hospital sent us home on different occasions during that time. After about four days, they finally decided to induce because of the risk of leaking the womb dry. Gregg’s comment that water leaking and breaking are the same should in no wise be construed as saying they are the same thing, since water breaking actually is the onset of labor, with contractions soon to follow. During the time of my wife’s leakage, as with Sarah Palin, my wife “did not show any signs of distress.” Palin doubtlessly got checked out in Texas and was advised that it was simply a leak; she was advised that she could go home and was induced there. That’s it.

  9. Before I became a nurse at 40, I was a newspaper reporter. I covered small time politics in rural Ohio – a reasonable equivalent of much of Alaska. Knowing small time politicians as well as I do (and their complete lack of sophistication and knowledge about how things work at the national level), this is the scenario that immediately came to mind last Friday night when I started reading these Trig-is-Bristol’s mommy rumors on the internet. There’s been a website promoting Palin as the VP pick for over a year, so – overly ambitious as she is – Palin has been preparing for her moment on the national stage since then. Then, her daughter comes home pregnant, Palin belatedly realizes the baby bump shows in the first family’s official holiday photo (yeah, real attentive mother) and Palin’s first thought is – this will ruin my chances for being picked as an ultra-conservative VP. Look, it took Palin 3 schools and 5 years just to get a journalism degree at Idaho State – and I know for a fact that a journalism degree from a small college is no proof of great intelligence. So she is not the smartest babe. This is a small time politician who honestly believed that she could fake a pregnancy, claim the baby as her own, and no one would be the wiser. Especially given her history of using her position to bully people and get what she wants. This is an extremely narcissistic woman, so she really does believe in her omnipotence. The doctor she named as delivering the baby was named to many prestigious positions by Palin as mayor and then governor – so she owed Palin a favor or two. Interestingly, the baby’s birth is not listed on the hospital’s website for that day – and the doctor’s name has disappeared from the website, too. So she sends the daughter off someplace with “mono” for a few months. She waits until she says she is 7 months pregnant to announce, because I honestly believe she is so vain, she did not want to give up her trim body and Newport News wardrobe to fake a pregnancy for very long. Or maybe it took her that long to come up with this lie. Then she conveniently goes into labor far from watchful Alaskan eyes – and conveniently returns to Alaska in the middle of the night. Her fatal flaw may have been making up that whole story of giving her speech in Texas and flying all the way back to Alaska while in premature labor with a high-risk baby. She clearly wanted to enhance her image as a tough-as-nails frontier woman, too. Except – vain as she is – Palin comes up with a story that does not pass muster in the medical world and fits makes her look like an unfit mother, not the Super Mom image she is trying to sell to America. If she was in fact carrying a high risk baby – and at 44 she is considered high risk to begin with – a competent doctor would never have allowed her to fly to Texas – and would have instructed her to go to a hospital in Texas once her water broke (leaking is the same as breaking as far as neonatology is concerned) so the baby could be put on a monitor to assess how stressed it was. No way would she be told it was safe to take such a long flight on which she likely would have delivered a high risk baby. Besides, if you aren’t really pregnant – going to a hospital in a state where they don’t care if you’re the governor would expose the whole lie. She probably got word while in Texas that Bristol was in labor, and this was the best story her limited intelligence could come up with so fast. I think the Down Syndrome was an unexpected surprise. A 16-year-old mother is a bit more likely to have a Down Syndrome baby that a 44-year-old woman. And we don’t know what kind if any prenatal care Bristol got. The story about knowing all along may just have been a post-natal add on to the story once Palin realized how much more cred it would give her as an anti-abortionist. The story of this cover-up started in the Alaskan legislature, not on the internet. Palin can control what folks back home say about her – but I don’t think is smart enough to have realized the power of the internet. It took the saavy GOP handlers less than two days to decide it was necessary to counter-act these internet “rumors” – because I am sure even they could see all the holes in her story. But I think they are too afraid to even ask her for proof the baby is hers. The word “about” is the key in her statement – Bristol is “about” five months pregnant. At least Palin is smart enough to count backwards and that “five” was the number that would seem to discount the internet rumors. I can just see an unfortunate miscarriage due to the stress of all the media attention in the near future. Have we ever seen Palin hold this baby in public since her selection? Or her husband, for that matter – since he is the one who is going to manage all the kids while she conquers the world as VP. No, it’s always Bristol – and being a mother, there sure seems to be a mother-child bond between the two of them. So I hope the bloggers continue to demand evidence that Trig is the Governor’s, that they keep the pressure on a very worried GOP as well as the press – who is probably still thinking about that whole National Enquirer/John Edwards scoop. That took several months, but maybe the press will catch on quicker this time. It does rise to the level of national security importance to detemine if this woman would make up such a huge lie just to protect her narcissistic political agenda. OMG! I have just seen on TV that the alleged father is now being paraded out hand in hand with Bristol for happy family photo-ops. That’s it. If they are using the “happy” couple for politically opportunist photo ops – this is NOT off limits. The GOP seems determined to keep it front and center, confident now that the main stream media is afraid to take on the rumors. Though they do seem to still being dropping it into conversation often. It’s pretty obvious to anyone that something is just not right about all this.

  10. @AnitaRN,
    All good points indeed. It does seem wildly irresponsible to fly that late in pregnancy, especially at her age, especially with a child with Down Syndrome. Do you think she got the idea of faking the pregnancy from Desperate Housewives?
    I read an article today that said that during a graduation speech at her church this June, Sarah Palin said that the War in Iraq is America’s messianic mission and the will of God. She then asked for the church to pray for the completion of a $30 billion pipeline that the company her husband was employed by, British Petroleum, would benefit from.

  11. “The caption on this photo reads: “My self and my new baby brother, TriggyBear:) Most adorable little man ever.” If this is Bristol and Levi’s baby, it kind of makes sense that Sadie would refer to him as “baby brother” even though she is technically his aunt. If Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby, it makes no sense at all.”

    If Bristol is Levi’s sister Mercede’s sister-in-law, then Sarah Palin’s baby would be Mercede’s baby BROTHER-IN-LAW. What part of that do you not get? Do I need to draw a family tree?

  12. AnitaRN says “A 16-year-old mother is a bit more likely to have a Down Syndrome baby that a 44-year-old woman.” Really? Could you please site your source on this. I found no reference in any web search for such information.

    Maternal age influences the chances of conceiving a baby with Down syndrome. At maternal age 20 to 24, the probability is one in 1562; at age 35 to 39 the probability is one in 214, and above age 45 the probability is one in 19.[14] Although the probability increases with maternal age, 80% of children with Down syndrome are born to women under the age of 35,[15] reflecting the overall fertility of that age group. Recent data also suggest that paternal age, especially beyond 42,[16] also increases the risk of Down Syndrome manifesting in pregnancies in older mothers.[17]

  13. @pattio – I’ve just updated the original post with this: “Yes, if Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby, then Trig is Sadie’s brother-in-law-to-be. But it seems much more likely that Sadie would post pictures of her own brother’s offspring on her MySpace page, rather than the offspring of the parents of her sister-in-law-to-be (Bristol). If Trig is Levi’s kid, the relationship between Sadie and Trig is much closer (blood relatives, in fact). Which makes more sense: My brother’s baby is like my baby brother — Or the son of my mother-in-law-to-be is like my baby brother? Try to think like a teenager as you answer this question.”

  14. I’m sorry, I don’t assume teenagers are idiots. Why would a teenager refer to her brother’s child as her brother when it’s her nephew? She would drop the “in-law” part and simply refer to Trig as her baby brother though. These people live in a small town with large families. I have known extended families like this, and have envied their closeness. I see nothing unusual about Sadie being excited about a new soon-to-be relative.

  15. People look at the evidence. 5 month out for Mono. I’m from a medical family and you just can’t sell that to me. Flying during labor with a high risk pregnancy? Noone in her staff knew she was pregnant? Look at the pics, its Bristol who loks pregnant, not Sarah. Where are the birth records and pics? Why does Briatol always hold the child? This is the lodest cover story for an unwed mother in the books. Mono story. Send girl away. Then mom says its hers and the child is raiosed as a sibling rather than a child. Mark my words. We’ll all be told a tragic story about Bristol’s miscarriage in about two months. that’s how they cover the fact that Bristol never has the baby she’s supposedly 5 mo. preg with now. This story was broken to cover OBGYN and sightings of Bristol at the clinic.

  16. I’m as liberal as they come and I can believe that Trig is Sarah Palin’s child. Yes, it matters in terms of integrity, but we have far bigger fish to fry in this election. As for why Bristol always holds the baby… who knows? If she’s pregnant (no reason to believe that she isn’t) then she’s got some maternal hormones exploding. She’s probably really bonded with the little guy. I will go forward believing that Palin is telling the truth on all counts with the baby stories.

    However, I will absolutely call out the hypocrisy in the Republican party and especially among the ultra-right with regard to the success of abstinence only programs, teenage pregnancy, and caring for the children thereof. Bristol’s story – once depersonalized – is the perfect example of what the average teenage pregnancy is NOT. For one, I’ll bet Bristol and her child have health care.

    By and large, the typical teen Mom does not have a family behind them to provide emotional or financial support. This support is what Obama would hope to provide for these young mothers and their children and what the GOP would prefer to cut. Can these programs be improved? Yes. Can we keep the system from being abused? Sure, we can try, but don’t toss out the baby with the bathwater (an apropros metaphor, isn’t it?) because of abuse of the system.

  17. PCC makes me laugh.

    I crawled out from under my libertarian rock long enough to laugh at this one. Someone back east in the media refered to her as “caribou barbie”.

    Back under the rock until 11/5/08 when the fur stops flying.

  18. “If this is Bristol and Levi’s baby, it kind of makes sense that Sadie would refer to him as “baby brother” even though she is technically his aunt. If Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby, it makes no sense at all.”

    Kelly, use your brain a little. The latter makes more sense than the former. If Trig is Sarah’s baby, he is soon, and literally, going to be Sadie’s brother-in-law. Baby brother-in-law, to be more descriptive.

    “Why isn’t proud Papa Palin holding his son Trig? Why was that job given to Bristol?”

    Umm, because she could really use the practice in caring for a baby at this time?

  19. @Life Observer
    My father cried when Nixon lost in 1960. My father did not vote for Nixon in 1972 because he read the Washington Post. I do believe he voted for McGovern.

    Now my father says: “Don’t vote, it only encourages them.”

  20. Thanks for the props, and may I return them right back to you. If you’ll excuse me, though, I have to return to drinking Rumpleminze from a flask while shouting at the TV until my pizza arrives.

    Keep hope alive, and all that shit.

  21. Oh, no, please vote. But, preferably not for the 2 establishment parties. They are well-oiled campaign/political machines who now all the tricks to try to get people to vote 4 them.
    Stop voting & reelecting those who are divisive & take cheap shots, knowing they can bcuz they feel they are the parents to most of us voters-the children. Who speak half-truths knowing they can get away with it.

    Vote for a candidate who is most like the voter, with warts & all, who most truly represents us – not, e.g., another lawyer or millionaire.

    That’s a start to the robotish voting we automatically.
    Anyway, I spent too much of my time already here on these “representatives.”

  22. I’m talking in macro & you’re in micro.
    I’m not limiting this to an electoral college election.
    Besides, the EC is controversial.
    Nor, am I offering any one time quick fix-all, fix.
    But, change only comes when 1st people begin the process of change.
    Continue thinking/behaving the same & you’ll end up with the same results. And, those in power will continue to feel comfortably in power.

    I hate this. I always feel like I give too much time to politics. I don’t want to play their games. No more time to them!

  23. This is a birthing room at Mat Su Reg Med Center. That much we know. My questions to SP- Why is Bri’s boyfriend’s sister Sadie there for a photo shoot with your new baby? She isn’t family or anything near family at that point. Remember – Bri isn’t knocked up yet so she is just a normal girl in high school with a boyfriend. And if Sadie is there because it is her brother’s girlfriend’s new brother – why isn’t she posing with Bri – I see Willow, I see you, SP, I see trig. Who is recovering in the bed? – Enough already!

  24. “Marc Says:
    4 September, 2008 at 6:17 am

    This is a birthing room at Mat Su Reg Med Center. That much we know. My questions to SP- Why is Bri’s boyfriend’s sister Sadie there for a photo shoot with your new baby? She isn’t family or anything near family at that point. Remember – Bri isn’t knocked up yet so she is just a normal girl in high school with a boyfriend. And if Sadie is there because it is her brother’s girlfriend’s new brother – why isn’t she posing with Bri – I see Willow, I see you, SP, I see trig. Who is recovering in the bed? – Enough already!

    Bristol and Levi have been dating for at least a year! Why do you people find it so hard to believe that the extended families of both sides would associate with one another? That they would have more than a superficial interest in the newborn baby of their future sister-in-law’s mother who just happens to be the Governor of the state you live in? Please people, this has to be manufactured suspicion on your part. Or are you that far removed from your own families?

  25. Clarify for me – Were they openly engaged back then, and if so – why when juniors in high school would the governor’s daughter be openly engaged. Maybe because a deal was made. You two will get married and this baby will take me to the top. Track joining the army september 11th did not create a big enough splash – the GOP platform is prolife. I can be a posterchild with a downs baby – dont you kids see the possibilities. Monkeywrench in the plan – Bristol is pregnant 2 months later. What does DJ Sarah do – spin it – Here is your proof that Bristol was not knocked up last year – Creative math (if you are impregnated May 31, and reveal it September 1, it is about 5 months (May, June, July, August and Sept are five months in which she has been pregant…if you believe it you can sell it)and another “premature birth” and we are untouchable. Let me just say that there is one place on my-space that has not been cleansed so do lots of print screens and make your PDFs while you can.

  26. I think that the baby is Sarah Palin’s.
    Palin believes that God gave her Trig. So logically she believes that God would take Trig from her. Palin delivered 4 other babies and she is not stupid. By flying back to Alaska from Texas after her water broke, she was putting the baby in God’s hands.
    Palin and her husband put Trig on display at the RNC over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. That baby should have been in a crib sleeping peacefully like any normal baby would have been. Not on display in a loud convention hall.
    Trig the McCain Campaign prop worked well. Did you hear all the ladies go OOOOO! when Palin took Trig in her arms after her speech. Female journalists that it was so CUTE! PUCK FACTOR ALTERT!
    Bristol and Trig were used as bait in a calculated Republican trick to shut up the Media and prevent them from asking questions about her political history and experience record. If this was not their calulated motive, then why were they not forthcoming about Bristol’s pregnancy and why did she initially appear to hid her belly with a baby blanket and by holding Trig in such a way as to cover up her belly. Why did good old dad not hold Trig instead of Bristol during Palin’s initial public viewing with McCain last Friday.
    I for one will not vote for Palin. Any parent (male or female) who would allow their daughter and handicapped child to be used as props for the McCain campaign will not be rewarded with my vote.

  27. Guys,

    Look at the faces of Sarah and Bristol. If you’ve just given birth to a baby, you absolutely put on some (teensy-weensy, at least) weight on your face too.

    The current one is Bristol’s second baby. The Conservatives will look beyond one baby (accidents happen), but two in quick succession?

    I don’t think so.

    This VP-ship is dead in three weeks, tops.

  28. There are several reasons why I am not a fan of McCain’s pick for VP.

    – She states that there is no causal effect between humans and global warming.
    – She believes in “abstinence” only education. Whether you think Bristol’s pregnancy is a private issue or not, it goes to show that “abstinence” onlu education is flawed.
    – She had books banned from her local public library.
    – There are allegations that she used her sphere of influence to have the chief public safety commisioner fired because he would not in turn fire a state trooper who was going through a messy divorce with her sister. I understand that in America you are innocent until proven guilty but in the case of a potential vice presidential candidate you wait for that decision to be made first.
    – She got $27 million dollars of federally earmarked and pork barrelled money while mayor of a town with a population of 7000 (approximately the amount of people who fit in the left field bleachers at Yankee stadium). That is nearly $4000.00 for every person in Wasilla (then she touts the fact that she was able to cut taxes. Of course she was able to do that (Everone not from Wasilla, AK was paying their taxes). Here is a better way of looking at it, if the city of Los Angeles received the same ratio of earmarked funds- They would have received $40 BILLION.
    – She supported the “bridge to nowhere” project (one of the most renown pork barrell projects in history). She is quoted over and over again saying how offended she is by the term “bridge to nowhere”. When the project came under national scrutiny she decided that she didnt support it anymore and said “No thank you” to the senate. This was of course after the $233 million was alread sent to Alaska, and no, Gov. Palin never gave any of that money back.
    – She supports drilling in ANWAR, which by the most generous estimates has enough oil for 10 years and will take 7-10 years to get any oil from to begin with. This is where I will insert opinion… in 7-10 years we should be focusing on being more oil independent… not have a new supply of oil that just prolongs the inevitable. It is not having a dependence from foreign oil that is so much important than a dependence from oil itself.

    I am not convinced that Trig is Bristol’s son but there are some interesting FACTS. We are being told that Trig is 5 months old. We know for a fact that 5 months ago Bristol was out of school with mono. We know that Bristol was not allowed visitors while sick…

    So either she was not allowed to have visitors while she was sick but still allowed to have daily interactions with her pregnant mom (There are high risks involved if a mom catches mono)…


    She had an intimate encounter or encounters with her boyfriend while she was sick with mono (one of the most transferrable infections around). anybody know if the boyfriend ever got mono?

  29. Problem is, so many people just believe what they read and hear from the media and don’t do research. I have had 5 kids. After they broke my water on 4 of them, it took over 12 hours for me to deliver. A slow leak is not the same as the sack breaking. My God, leave this family alone. She had a down’s syndrome baby, did not ABORT is, which I am sure the liberals would have torn apart because she is a conservative republican. YOU can’t have it both ways, which is what the democrats want. Her daughter is pregnant now almost 6 months. Sarah’s baby is almost 5 months….do the math. You ask why she kept this from the media for as long as she could? THIS IS WHY….the insensitive way the liberal media attacks people. The stress alone, would not be good for any unborn child or the mother.

  30. Kevin, as far as teaching abstinence vs sex education, the family should teach both. It is not up to the school system to teach my children about sex. It is up to the parents. The parents have dropped the ball on this. Teaching Sex Education in schools doesn’t work either. LOOK at the pregnancy rate among high school and jr. high students. I work for the juvenile system. I see the effects on the teaching of sex education…..It doesn’t work either.

  31. Well if she is 5 months gone with another child we will know shortly.
    Unless the decide to bring the baby early for some strange reason.

    Of course being lied to by politicians is nothing new now is it.

    Forget Palin!

    Ask Mc Cain why after 100’s of votes on the war in Iraq it took 5 1/2 years and his Presidental Campaign before he got intrested in WHO our Sildiers were fighting.
    JOE LIBERMAN had to SPOON FEED Mc Cain the names of the groups they are fighting.
    5 1/2 YEARS and 4,139 dead American Soldiers before Mc Cain got interested to learn who we are figting and who is killing our brave youg men !!!!!!!!!!

  32. suspicious, the most that I gained was 18 lbs. I didn’t keep one ounce on. After I had 5 children, I walked out of the hospital wearing my clothes that I had worn before I got pregnant. I had my last child at age 37. Is that rare? probably, but it can happen. Leave the girl alone.

  33. Referring to the picture of Bristol holding Trig…if you had watched speech you would understand the picture. Trig was held by several people during the speech first was Cindy McCain then they Mentioned Cindy and she stood up at which point she had passed off the baby in anticipation of this event. the person sitting closest to Cindy McCain was Bristol. Next when the family was moved to the back of the stage for the end of the speech Sarahs husband was holding the baby. So based on the koolaid drinking group….we should infer equally that Cindy McCain is the true mother. also the proper way to refer the son of ones brother is as Nephew not little brother. When my bests brother was born when I was a teenager..I thought of him as my brother also…a thought I still have today. So unless your planning on having sex with a pig stop putting lipstick on the poor creature and get over this whos the momma thing…who cares!

  34. Originally I assumed that there was nothing to the rumors around the mystery about who is Trig’s mom. After the election= I wondered where the ridiculous sounding story originated. 1. Was it from crazy dems trying to take the wind out of Palin’s nomination? 2 Was it true? 3. Did the REps. start the rumor themselves to take away from the news of Bristol expecting Tripp? ………….
    It seems that most likely- Trig is Sarah’s baby and the rumors were not started by crazed ppl because of the election- ppl were already wondering… because Sarah didn’t tell ppl, didn’t show much, and flew during labor… the question then becomes why would SArah or any mom take such unbelievable risks with a full term special needs baby?
    Perhaps Sarah hated the fact that she was expecting a special baby and took such risks to see if it could be put into God’s hands… Sarah Palin certainly never accepted the responsibility for caring for that unborn baby!!!! She didn’t even tell the kids he was special needs.
    She risked as much as she could….nice family values.

    Bristol and Levi have separated for now at least. LEVI was LIVING IN THE HOME WITH the Palins until the recent break up. AGAIN__ nice family values= have boyfriend move in to parents home!

    Palin’s were warned back during her sisters divorce- not to say things against the children’s dad. Now we have reports that Levi is having difficulty seeing the baby. If they are keeping him from seeing the baby- again nice values Palins.

  35. i love bristol sooooo much and i love her show sooooo much!!!!!!
    trigg is bristols little brother,tripp is bristols son

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