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Fake Baby Birthin’ Church Lady

Show of hands: Do you think Sarah Palin is Trig’s mother? It’s been a while since I’ve visited Sarah’s Baby Storyland, but Godammit I’m Mad mentioned that Andrew Sullivan has a photo of Sarah, 3 weeks before Trig’s birth, here. Sullivan says:

I begged the McCain campaign by private email and in a private meeting to give me something – anything – to kill the story off. I promised to run any evidence that would blow this out of the water. That offer still stands. Please make me look like an idiot for asking these questions. But they didn’t offer a thing, asserting that even asking the question was an outrageous reputation-destroying offense.

Again, my issue with this whole thing is that I think people should tell the truth. That includes politicians. If Sarah is content to lie about Trig’s birth, I imagine she would be content to lie about other sorts of things as well. In this particular case, it was Sarah’s own fantastical statements and actions reported in the Anchorage Daily News that caused me to question her. Get on a plane while leaking amniotic fluid? Drive by the hospital in Anchorage that has a NICU and instead go to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center to deliver your high-risk baby? If these things are true, then Sarah needs her head examined.

I’ve been reluctant to hang this whole thing on photographic evidence. Between “the camera always lies” (as my brother Ken says) and photoshop, who knows what is true?


Photo and (title of this post) via Cajun Boy.

Still, the photo screenshot below screams “I have a pillow in my pants so it looks like I’m pregnant.


Screenshot from Jack Bog’s Blog.

A childbirth professional agrees with me here.

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Sarah Palin & Trig

Dear Main Stream Media: We bloggers love the truth. So could you please figure this out (since you don’t trust us): Is Sarah Palin Trig’s mother, or is she Trig’s grandmother? Because if there’s one thing a grrl doesn’t like, it’s being told a lie.

This photo is from a MySpace page that is now set to private (courtesy of Cajun Boy and via suchandrika, author of To Strive, To Seek, To Find):

The original caption on MySpace read: “Mommy Inlaw Trig and Myself” and was on the page of Mercede (aka: Sadie), Levi Johnston’s sister (Levi is reportedly the father of Bristol Palin’s baby). You can see photos from the MySpace page, preserved as a Google doc, here.

The caption on this photo reads: “My self and my new baby brother, TriggyBear:) Most adorable little man ever.” If this is Bristol and Levi’s baby, it kind of makes sense that Sadie would refer to him as “baby brother” even though she is technically his aunt. If Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby, it makes no sense at all.

UPDATE 3 September: Yes, if Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby, then Trig is Sadie’s brother-in-law-to-be. But it seems much more likely that Sadie would post pictures of her own brother’s offspring on her MySpace page, rather than the offspring of the parents of her sister-in-law-to-be (Bristol). If Trig is Levi’s kid, the relationship between Sadie and Trig is much closer (blood relatives, in fact). Which makes more sense: My brother’s baby is like my baby brother — Or the son of my mother-in-law-to-be is like my baby brother? Try to think like a teenager as you answer this question. Continue reading “Sarah Palin & Trig”