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Healthy Pasadena

There are people who go to work every day but don’t have health insurance. Most of the adults who seek health care at Pasadena’s CHAP Clinic are working adults. But generally, people who don’t have health insurance don’t seek preventive care–they wait until something is wrong. So, for example, Jane Doe’s hypertension goes undetected and she ends up having a stroke.

The site of the now-closed St. Luke Hospital got sold to some developers (via PSN). Council member Haderlein is quoted as saying he told the developers that “historic preservation, park space, an urgent care facility and uses compatible with the surrounding residential neighborhood would be important for the site.” Haderlein hopes that city control will be exerted through the existing zoning for the site.

I hope so too. The uninsured of Pasadena deserve affordable health care. The old St. Luke site is appropriate for either an ambulatory or urgent care facility, and it is a better site than the city-owned building currently under consideration located on East Del Mar Blvd. St. Luke  is in a more densely populated area along a major transportation route. I hope those who have a say-so in this matter are serious about extending medical services to the east side of Pasadena.

For those of you with insurance, go get that physical you’ve been putting off (I’m talking to myself here). You can’t rely on your HMO to do it for you, per this article from the 19 October 2007 LA Times: HMOs rate poorly on prevention.


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4 thoughts on “Healthy Pasadena

  1. Yeah, it’s along the 268 – the 2nd worst MTA line in Pasadena in terms of reliability. First would be the 256. Horrible bus lines.

  2. I am glad to see you wrote on this, preventative health care is I think even more important than the actual health care for often then it is to late.
    We are so fortunate here in Canada as all are provided with free health care provided by the government.
    Keep up the good work

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