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I am Dodger fan (much to the chagrin of my Staten-Island-born mother), and this season was certainly a tough one. I’m not going to get into the older players vs the younger players, or the merits of Grady Little (or lack thereof).

My rant is about today’s season wrap up on FSN. They offered us a quick-cut edit of the season’s highlights. Nice enough—someone(s) obviously spent lots of time on it—but it wasn’t what the True Blue Dodger Fan (TBDF) wanted.

The TBDF wants content. We want a recap of the 10 best at-bats and the 10 best defensive plays (including the 2 triple plays). It’s Sunday afternoon, and we just lost to the Giants 11-2 to conclude the scary season. We want to remember what went right.

We want to remember what went right in context. The quick-cut thing makes the TBDF angry. Those moments flashing before our eyes have a thousand times more meaning when we are reminded at what point in the game and/or season the play-on-display happened.

Our boys of summer didn’t make it to October. Vinnie mentioned how the team spent lotsa dough to buy good players. As usual, Vin’s dulcet tones speak the truth—money doesn’t buy everything.

In closing, Vinnie said, ‘God willing, I’ll see you in the spring.” Yes, Vin, yes. See you next year.