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Little Bits

Headline in today’s newspaper: Bush Denies Allegations.  Only it’s Reggie, not George. It’s ever so suspicious that Reggie is not cooperating with the NCAA.

Overheard at my local independent bookstore, Vroman’s:
“Well, you know, she IS a fetish model.” 

Those of you who frequent Starbucks have seen their “The Way I See It” series…nice little quotes from thinking people printed on their cups.  (Though do try to take your own mug if you can…it’s the greener option and they give you a discount–it’s only 10 cents–but hey, 10 cents is 10 cents.)

#71 “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” –Maureen Dowd

#66 “We are all in this together: women and men, girls and boys.  It takes all of us to change the world.” -Billie Jean King


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