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MySpace & Time on the Internet

This is a tale of how you can spend a whole day doing something on the Internet that you didn’t mean to do.

Tim and I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Al Jarreau and George Benson, but the real delight of the night was the opening act, Raul Midon.

So I go to his website and there is a contest. If you add Raul to your top eight on MySpace, you can enter the contest and win a trip to Europe.

I have a MySpace page but I don’t really ever do anything with it. At this writing, I have precisely one MySpace friend…which cracks me up.

So I dink around on MySpace and try to figure out how to add Raul to my “top eight.” I presume this means top eight friends, which means I have to go to Raul’s page and ask him if he’ll be my friend, right?

All this takes time, as does my side trip into exploring how to make my MySpace page look better. I manage to get some code on there that gives me white polka dots on an orange background, but I still have to get that stupid ad off it (if that is even possible).

The hours from noon to three vanish. I know a little bit more about MySpace than I did before. And maybe I’ll win a trip to Europe.

I’m just not sure if the return on my three hours invested will yield much. Do I have to spend more time on MySpace to make those three hours worthwhile?