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Playing By The Rules

Dear GW Bush, I know that playing by the rules is a difficult concept for you since you haven’t had to do it very much during your life. I know that you think that the CIA is a very special government agency since your daddy used to be in charge of it. I know that earlier this week you said there are people in the world that “just don’t like us” (I’m leaving this in even though I can’t find a link to back it up–I heard this on CNN while I was at the gym.)

But GW, there are rules, and some of them aren’t so bad. The Geneva Conventions deserve your attention and respect. Your wacked idea that we need to use torture to get necessary info will not win the hearts and minds of your citizens or our allies.

By the way, when you release transcripts of your speeches, do you really need to mention when the audience applauds?

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