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Fake Baby Birthin’ Church Lady

Show of hands: Do you think Sarah Palin is Trig’s mother? It’s been a while since I’ve visited Sarah’s Baby Storyland, but Godammit I’m Mad mentioned that Andrew Sullivan has a photo of Sarah, 3 weeks before Trig’s birth, here. Sullivan says:

I begged the McCain campaign by private email and in a private meeting to give me something – anything – to kill the story off. I promised to run any evidence that would blow this out of the water. That offer still stands. Please make me look like an idiot for asking these questions. But they didn’t offer a thing, asserting that even asking the question was an outrageous reputation-destroying offense.

Again, my issue with this whole thing is that I think people should tell the truth. That includes politicians. If Sarah is content to lie about Trig’s birth, I imagine she would be content to lie about other sorts of things as well. In this particular case, it was Sarah’s own fantastical statements and actions reported in the Anchorage Daily News that caused me to question her. Get on a plane while leaking amniotic fluid? Drive by the hospital in Anchorage that has a NICU and instead go to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center to deliver your high-risk baby? If these things are true, then Sarah needs her head examined.

I’ve been reluctant to hang this whole thing on photographic evidence. Between “the camera always lies” (as my brother Ken says) and photoshop, who knows what is true?


Photo and (title of this post) via Cajun Boy.

Still, the photo screenshot below screams “I have a pillow in my pants so it looks like I’m pregnant.


Screenshot from Jack Bog’s Blog.

A childbirth professional agrees with me here.


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

20 thoughts on “Fake Baby Birthin’ Church Lady

  1. I think it’s important to note that Rush Limbaugh loves her, and also important to note that he said the nation doesn’t want to watch a female president age. Love those guys.

  2. I have begun to waddle around, holding my back, blowing out short puffs of air through my mouth when in line at the store and no one notices!

    No breaks for me!

    It’s so hard to fake a good pregnancy these days or are people just apathetic? Is it prego overload? What scares me is her ambition or is it her ability to be so exceedingly obedient to insanity?

    She is like the fascist femme messengers used in Salo 1976. Creepy. Maybe she’ll change with the age that Rush doesn’t want to see.

  3. This is exactly why people call you Moonbats. Grow the fuck up. Seriously.—And BHO wasn’t born in this country and is a secret muslim.

  4. I don’t believe she’s Trig’s mother, but if Sarah Palin is in fact the birth mom, then she’s dangerously incompetent. To deliver a speech and then board a flight to Alaska while leaking amniotic fluid (during a 5th pregnancy!) is just idiotic.

  5. We decided to check the site out for the first time in awhile — we dropped it from our blogroll before the election because the Trig Truthiness was getting too fevered and out of hand — it was beginning to read like something from David Icke, and we don’t care to endorse it, even with a link. Don’t agree with Caltechgirl’s language, but seriously, there used to be interesting and insightful things to read here.

  6. How can you be so mean? This blog is the sweetest and chock full of interesting stuff–things I’ve never even thought of. This is a very earthy and honest blogger here and it’s too bad if that is so threatening to you.

    I am so disappointed in you, Caltechgirl and Tim. Why not write about your difference of opinion on your own blogs? You’ve gottem’! Why come here to the tenderhearted? Scat!

  7. We’re not being mean, Mary K, we’re just being honest, as a former regular reader who really supported this blog and has been very disappointed in anti-Palin insanity that seems to be a significant part of it, even two months after an election SHE LOST! I’m not writing about it on my own blog because mine is local a news blog, not a place for airing out my opinions on other bloggers. I’d rather tell KR about my disappointments directly than front-page it on my blog and hope she discovers it. I don’t know where you get “threatening,” tho. It doesn’t threaten me, it disappoints, and that’s not the same thing. I’m also not sure how the continuing Trig Trutherism qualifies as “tenderhearted.” Not terribly tenderhearted to a Downs kid or his mother, that’s for sure.

    And to drubs: I’m taking down your name and flicking my lizardly tongue in anticipation of the hybrid children we shall create from your DNA.

  8. Fair enough, Tim. It appears the offense taken by you has more to do with a “Downs kid and his mother” than the actual truthiness of a vetty ambitious public political figure who positioned herself to be only a breath away from the presidency.

    We haven’t heard the last from her. (big eye roll)

  9. Miss H:
    Please do not put words in my mouth (or photons on my screen, or whatever is appropriate here). It is unworthy of you.

    Please refer to the actual statements — there is no offense taken — I am expressing disappointment as a reader and supporter of this blog. There is no reference to people with Down Syndrome in my original post, so don’t make believe that’s the reason it was posted. Trig’s condition was brought up in response to this blog being “tenderhearted” – making a Downs baby into a political football doesn’t exhibit tenderheartedness.

    Also, why the scary word “banishment?” Who is being “banished?” I dropped a link, that’s all. I also am not making a big deal — I dropped WCGB from my blogroll without any comment anywhere (and apparently without anybody, even KR, noticing) because it was more dignified to all concerned — it was a personal decision, comment wasn’t necessary, and if anyone wanted to know why, they could ask me and would be answered privately.

    And why not include my blog link? It’s what I do. KR can always remove it if she feels moved to. She is unquestioned sovereign in this kingdom.

    I’ve taken too much of KR’s bandwidth on this matter. If anyone has further problems, you can tell me offline. Follow the link ;)!

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