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Thank Who?

Yesterday, the assistant to the administrator of the division I work in (300 people strong) came to my office. She gave me a nylon bag (Made in China) with our organization’s logo on it and said, “A— (name of administrator) wanted you to have this to thank you for all that you do.”

A soul-sapping thank-you if I ever received one. Administrator can’t be bothered to walk down the hall herself. And what the hell is “all I do?” I do my job. I get a paycheck. I avoid products made in China—practically a full-time job in itself.  Try to find something that wasn’t either made in China or made in a modern-day sweatshop.  Oy vey.

This picture has nothing to do with what I just said.  I prefer posts with pictures, that’s all.  Here’s a fun one (and perhaps a bit more germane)…


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6 thoughts on “Thank Who?

  1. One time at work we had a day-long “culture building” workshop that was like being trapped in hell. At the end, they handed us a little plastic desk plaque with the workshop motto and logo on it. I was so burnt out that I blurted the truth “Oh, I try not to collect junk I don’t need or want.”

  2. Petrea@ A friend of mine worked for a company located in a high rise, that had done him dirty. There was a homeless/schizophrenic man who liked hanging out in front of “said” high rise. Geoff took his company jacket with the large company logo on it and gave it to the homeless man on the promise that he would wear it in front of “said” high rise.

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