Too Much, Not Enough

You’d think that with the 24 hours news cycle and blah blah blah, we’d be hearing more about the nice folks in Wisconsin who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  My local papers seem to have a lot more about Libya than Madison.

Here’s where to go for info: The Daily Page (dot com).

Here’s a nice encapsulation of the hubbub from Salon:

Union leaders have agreed to pay more for their benefits, which equates to an 8 percent pay cut, as Walker has proposed as long as they can retain their bargaining rights. Walker has refused to compromise, although he said last week that he was negotiating some changes with Democrats.

For those of you like me who never thought the American public would break away from the couch and the remote control to do something like this, well, this is pretty cool stuff.  Here’s a link to Huff Po’s The Best Wisconsin Protest Signs.


Happy Spring, everyone.

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3 Responses to “Too Much, Not Enough”

  1. Petrea Says:

    Just because the press is tired of the story doesn’t mean the people are tired of having rights.

  2. Cafe Pasadena Says:

    Problems are always gonna most concern those it concerns.
    How many of us remember the news of the day, even yesterdays.

    I still believe the full effects of the repression of 2008 and the downsizing of our economy to upsize other economies has yet to be felt.

  3. Pasadena Adjacent Says:

    CO@ it sure wasn’t to be felt when I turned my cd over yesterday. .30. At the end of the month that yields enough to buy a postage stamp

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