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Remember me? I used to blog here.

You.  I don’t know who you are, but I have been writing to you since my earliest days of writing in a diary.  Reading back, I see that I invariably address you, the other, the someone out there.  I still don’t know who you are exactly, but I recently heard that good writing is typically written with an audience in mind.  For me, that’s you.

I guess I don’t have the heart of a true blogger after all.  I don’t spill out all my bidness willy-nilly (except for when I do).  I don’t care about my ‘brand’ (whatever that is) too much, but I do care about my content.  Oh, how the writer struggles with the content.  Oh, the self-editing of the writer.  Oh, that my content could get past internal controls and back out here, there or anywhere.  Because if I’m not writing, what am I doing?

It says on my card “Writer/Editor.”  But I’m really an editor/writer.  First, I edit myself.  Then, the parts that I deem good enough, well, they may make it to the page…blah, blah, blah…  This is not a new story, or a news story, or anything except for me ignoring all the writing experts who say, “Write!  Write!  Write!”  I could win a Pulitzer in ignoring writing advice and not writing.


Spoiler Alert!  If you are going to see the film Up in the Air, you may want to skip this. I’m gonna reveal some stuff.

Up in the Air is a well-written film for the most part, with just a hint of draggy-ness toward the end. I guess the strong set-up of the film managed to set me up for disappointment. My notes:

1. When the George Clooney character (Ryan Bingham) is walking through the airport, we see a poster with the face of a pilot advertising an airline. We can’t really see the face, but the obvious white hair on the pilot made me think about Leslie Nielsen of Airplane fame. Hmm, odd homage? I dismiss this thought. Well, try to.

2. Later, the George Clooney character meets a pilot, played by Sam Elliott.  Maybe I’m too steeped in The Big Lebowski, but just the site of Sam’s face had me thinking about his character in that film…The Stranger.  The pilot character is so similar to The Stranger character that all I could think about was what The Stranger said to The Dude at the end of TBL, not what was actually happening on the screen in front of me.

3. Didn’t you completely expect that Alex (Vera Farmiga…wonderful) would have a family and kids? I did. The Scout didn’t.  Do you s’pose that could be attributed to gender difference?

Well, well.  I may be baaaaaccccckkk.


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

16 thoughts on “Remember me? I used to blog here.

  1. @SusanC – Merci!

    @Cafe – Prepare for more of the same. Sorry!

    @Barbra – A smart woman would only have a fling with a Ryan-type if she was clear on the ground rules. I still can’t believe he showed up at her house unannounced…who does that these days?

    @PA – Yes, I bring the blather and the Scout brings the good stuff.

    @Des – xo

    @Frazgo – Yeah, me too. Thank you. : )

  2. nice to see you’re still in the game.

    And yes, I totally knew she had a family on the side (and my wife didn’t), so it’s not just a gender thing. Of course, I also figured out the Sixth Sense within about 10 minutes — I have a rare talent of spoiling movies for myself.

  3. Can I just say, I hate these subscription hoops WordPress is making me jump through? I click the box that says “notify me of follow-up comments” and it sends me an email with a link I have to click on, and that takes me to a page, and blah blah. What? Does it not believe me that I clicked the box? Does it think I’m stupid? Jesus. How can I make it stop?

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