Blogging In Absentia

The thing is that I really enjoy blogging, but I’m not home, and I simply can’t blog right now.  Thanks to all my witty, opinionated commenters.  I feel like the host of a playground in which things are just about to veer out of control at any moment.

Actually, that’s probably a projection.  I’m up in Oregon with my bipolar mother, who is having the mother of all manic episodes right now.  I’m trying to keep her on track (impossible).  I’m dispensing meds as directed, but nothing is working (yet).  This ‘playground’ (her apartment) is a mess because in her mania, my mom keeps taking things out, moving things around, putting things in boxes, putting things in the hallway, etc.  When we go shopping she wants to buy everything that strikes her fancy.  This is just garden-variety mania.

Today we are going back to the hospital.  As soon as we find her teeth, that is.


Photo by The Scout:


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5 Responses to “Blogging In Absentia”

  1. altadenahiker Says:

    Is the hospital re-admitting her? Seems that would be, well, not good news, but better news.

  2. Susan C Says:

    She certainly sounds like she’s in no state to be left alone. Wish I could come up and give you some relief.

  3. Ann Erdman Says:

    We’re sending hugs and best wishes. Be sure to take care of you while you’re at it!

  4. The Real Zajac Says:

    No disrespect to you or your dear mother. But, “We are going back to the hospital as soon as we find her teeth,” is the most delightful and charming thing I’ve read in a long time.

  5. AP Says:

    Sorry to hear about all this.

    Maybe this will cheer you up?

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