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Eliot Spitzer: Client 9 From Outer Space

You don’t need to come here to read about Eliot Spitzer…it’s all over everywhere. What you’ll get from the paid journalists will be the details, the timeline, and juicy opinion pieces. What you’ll get here is opinion with emotion. That’s what blogs are all about (and bloggers have a range outside the ubiquitous ‘snarky,’ though this promises to be one of my snarkier posts). Opinion with emotion is this blogger’s m├ętier.

Here I am in stereotypical blogger fashion…sitting in bed, drinking my morning tea, clutching my (our) laptop and print edition of the L.A. Times (props to the mighty Ed Padgett). I’m reading about Spitzer—groaning, moaning, writhing, and oh-my-God-ing out loud. You’d think someone was in here with me, were it not for the loud noise of the newspaper in my sweaty, disappointed fists. Continue reading “Eliot Spitzer: Client 9 From Outer Space”