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Visual Artists Guild

I’d never really heard of the Visual Artists Guild until the summer of 2007, when reps showed up at Pasadena City Council meetings to protest the Beijing Olympics float in the Rose Parade. I just got an e-mail from Ann Lau telling me that I won the photo contest.

rp2 protestor

I think the t-shirt looks great worn over my Pasadena Bulldogs hoodie.

My brother says, “The camera always lies.” Very true.

Some disclaimers about my photo: Since I was the one to submit the photo, I’m the “winner” but The Scout took it. He used my point and shoot digital, which he loathes (he’s a Nikon F2 with old-fashioned film guy). The Scout loathes flash as well, but in this case the flash makes the handcuffs more visible. Also, you will notice that there is no parade going by. That’s because we took the photo before the parade started. It was just easier that way.

Rose Parade 2008 posts: Part 1. Part deux.


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