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YD&VPC: I’m Just Sayin’…

The City of Pasadena’s Youth Development and Violence Prevention Committee has wisely morphed its name into something other than YAC. I haven’t been attending the meetings, but I have watched a few on dear old K-PAS 55. The YD&VPC is meeting tonight, but I have a conflict so I won’t be there.

Five months into the issue, how is the YD&VPC articulating its mission and purpose? As a casual observer, it looks like the YD&YPC is trying to (1) Keep at-risk kids out of risky situations (prevention); and (2) Reach the kids who have already decided that guns and gangs may be a viable alternative. Will the youth in each of these categories benefit from the same kind of programs, or does that second group need something different? Should the YD&VPC focus on that harder-to-reach second group?

Some random thoughts: