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My Trip to Vegas: Part 3

First, a tamale alert for fellow Angelenos: Adela is selling her fabulous homemade tamales on Tuesday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 3. Place your order by calling 323-691-0073.

Back to Vegas: Somehow I want to respect the ‘achievements’ of Las Vegas (big, bigger, biggest), but I’m so bugged by the architecture that I can’t.

To wit:

Las Vegas 2009 Caesar's P

Took this out of the car window, car moving. Something about that building strikes me as foreboding. It’s so tall, so not proportional, so contemporary federalist on acid. Continue reading “My Trip to Vegas: Part 3”

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My Trip to Vegas: Part 2

I got caught up with the idea that the only way people can interact with a place like Las Vegas (or the Bellagio) is through a camera, so I took pictures of people taking pictures of people.

LV 2009 Bellagio 7

The camera is also the way people interact with each other. There’s a lot of bossing around involved: “Stand over there!” “Smile!” “Johnny! Quit making that ridiculous face!” Continue reading “My Trip to Vegas: Part 2”

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My Trip to Vegas: Part 1

The Scout worked in Las Vegas over the weekend (Lexus commercials), and I went along. He shot photos of the Super Arterial (love that name).

LV 2009 Super Arterial

Looking west. Photo by The Scout. Reminiscent of OJ’s slow-speed chase. Gosh, was that really 15 years ago (or almost – June 17, 1994)? Happy 15th Anniversary, OJ! I don’t feel sorry for you! You’ve had a great life! (Wikipedia article.)

I drove while The Scout crawled in the back seat and took photos out of the back and side windows of the car. This made me feel somewhat useful…well, for the five minutes or so that the Super Arterial location was going to be used. It has now been axed from the spot. “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

The Scout doesn’t much care for Vegas, and I suppose I don’t either except I have a horrible penchant for kitsch. It goes from old neon (the arty end) to…to…to…Oh, I don’t know what to —probably because I suppress my inner kitsch-lover fearing the wrath of the ‘truly arty’—when I should be defining the fine line between the good kitsch and the bad kitsch, so I can defend myself against haughty minimalists.

LV 2009 Planet Hollywood ext 2

Detail of the exterior of Planet Hollywood. Photo by me.

In my effort to understand the allure of Las Vegas, I find myself at The Bellagio. Look! It’s the happy couple!

LV 2009 Bellagio couple

One senses great forces of sadness and evil have brought this couple together (parents?). Or is he simply upset about the pink vest and tie?  Never mind…the picture taking must go on!

LV 2009 Bellagio Couple 2

And on!

LV 2009 Bellagio couple 3

And on…

LV 2009 Bellagio Couple 4

Dear Bellagio, Please move the cherry picker away from the happy couple!  You don’t want to ruin their special day, do you?

To be continued…