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In Which I Am Reduced to Tears

Oh YOU!  You nice, nice people!!!  YOU lovely, kind-hearted souls!  THANK YOU for the gift of in-home, his-and-hers massages for The Scout and me.

You didn’t see but I opened the envelope and burst into tears.  Heard of projectile vomiting?  I was projectile crying.  LC had to sprint for the box of tissues.  THANK YOU!


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Friends With Blogs

In the vein of “Stuff White People Like,” I am here today to boast that I have European friends. You’ve already met my French friend Nadine (who moved from Redondo Beach to Monte Carlo earlier this year). Meet my other French friend, Valérie Dessaint. I met her in Terrie Silverman’s Life Stories Workshop. She’s an incredible artistic spirit. You can see her blog here, and her Flickr photos here.  Her photography is gorgeous.

I also have friends who do really cool and adventurous things. Let me introduce you to Nadine and David Brown. I went to high school with David. Here’s an excerpt from my diary (February 26, 1976): “Suddenly David Brown has a body. I noticed today when he was doing his duet with Mark Tanquist.” I didn’t have a crush on David or anything, I was simply observing. ANYWAY, David and his wife Nadine just moved to Kuwait to teach in a school there. You can read about their adventures in Nadine’s blog, Kuwait, Kuwait, Don’t Tell Me. (That brings up something else white people like – NPR.)

So cheers to friends and friendships. I am awed and inspired by my brave and artistic friends. My heartfelt thanks to all of you. (You know who you are, and if you’re sitting there doubting that I mean you, get over yourself. OF COURSE I mean you!)

UPDATE: Thanks Pasadena’s PIO Ann Erdman, I got the straight scoop what to do about feral cats from the Pasadena Human Society’s web site. No more feeding them – I’m cat lady no more. Whew! Pa Kettle says it’s better to just buy a trap (works out to the same cost of renting). Oh joy.