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Mudflats on Sarah Palin and The Donnie Darko Connection

It came to me in a flash this morning:  Sarah Palin is channeling Kitty Farmer from the film Donnie Darko (played by Beth Grant).  (Thanks to Richard Kelly, the film’s director, for the photos below.)  Just add glasses…

From IMDB:
Kitty Farmer: [giving a pep talk to girls about to go on stage] OK ? now, girls. I want you to concentrate. Failure is not an option. And Bethany? If you feel the need to vomit up there, just swallow it.

Rose Darko (Donnie’s Mom): Do you even know who Graham Greene is?
Kitty Farmer: I think we’ve all seen Bonanza.

I’m a big fan of Donnie Darko (link to trailer)—you too?

Seeing as I haven’t purchased a National Enquirer yet and scoured the Palin article for juicy Sarah tidbits, I must direct you over to Mudflats: Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaska Politics.

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