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You can really tell that I have become the Cat Lady because I can’t resist the puns.  I caught Momma Cat.  I haven’t seen the kitties for a couple of days.  Daddy Black Cat (the one who read the manual on How To Avoid Cat Traps) was waiting for me in the driveway when I returned from the Pasadena Humane Society.  He gave me the stink eye.  I think he knows what I did.

I’ve no quibble with the feral cats as long as the population stays stable.  That means one or two.

I’m retiring from the trap cat biz.  The smell of cat food makes me wretch.  This incessant blathering about cats bores me.

I need beauty.

Andre Ethier, taken last Sunday just before he hit the game-ending walk-off home run against the Brewers.  Yes, the Dodgers blew a 5-1 lead in the top of the ninth.  But thanks to Ethier they won in the bottom of the ninth.  So there.

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I Love Baseball

I love baseball, and I love people who love baseball. When I was in St. Louis early this month, I went to the Cardinals v. Phillies game. In honor of AP, I rooted for the Phils. So did these guys:

Meet Dave Zavitz (good looking one) and Greg Weyent (old one). That’s Dave’s description (duh!). These guys flew from Philadelphia for the game. That’s dedication. They were rewarded with a 2-1 win. Rock on, Phillie fans. I will, however, be rooting for the Dodgers when you’re in town this week.

Our hotel in St. Louis was full of Cards fans…I would smile sweetly at them, flash my baseball seam bracelet,

and say, “We got Manny!” Can’t wait to see his new ‘do.  Will he or won’t he? Baseball is full of superstition, but must we invoke Samson and Delilah?

Yes.  That’s what makes baseball baseball.