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Alaska Dispatch

As you well know, this blog has been Palin-obsessed ever since she hit the national scene.  All ya’ll are sick of me talking about Sarah’s personal life.  So here’s some real moose meat for ya, the Alaska Dispatch.  That article title below?  It’s a link!

Going off the reservation was the last straw?

September 17, 2008

By Amanda Coyne

On Monday, a McCain-Palin spokeswoman in Anchorage, Meg Stapleton, said in a press conference that one of the reasons Gov. Palin fired public safety commissioner Walt Monegan was because he planned to go to D.C. to ask for money to investigate and prosecute sexual assaults. It was the “last straw,” she said.

This contradicts what Palin has said in the past.

But even if it is true, admitting that Palin fired Monegan for soliciting for more funds for sexual abuse victims might not be the smartest PR move at a time when Palin’s sympathy for such victims is being scrutinized for the following reasons:

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