Black History Parade 2012

Happy 30th Anniversary to Pasadena’s Black History Parade.

The bands played…

The politicians waved and smiled…

Mayor Bill Bogaard

Pasadena’s City Council District 1 Representative Jacquie Robinson

I was busy talking to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Pasadena) when he went by—more on that later

State Assembly Member Anthony Portantino, with a bold wardrobe choice—a John Muir HS cap

There were smiles all around

Lady Edna Bluain, honored by the Jackie Robinson Seniors.

Denise Jones of the Pasadena Deltas

There were drummers…

and the Pasadena Cowgirls…

There were celebrities…

Willard Pugh, who played Harpo in The Color Purple

Walter Richards on the right. ¬†Didn’t catch the name of the young man on the left (but if you know, please leave it in the comments)

The Buffalo Soldiers

The kids

the youth

the Masons

the Real Ryda’z

and the Way of Life Car Club

Back to Rep. Adam Schiff—-I said hello and then pointed out that he had a hard act to follow, since his car was right behind the one carrying the Los Angeles County Foster Mother of the Year.

She is a real hero.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the parade a successful one.


9 Responses to “Black History Parade 2012”

  1. Mademoiselle Gramophone Says:

    What a great parade!

  2. Lori A. Webster Says:

    We’re so sorry we missed it – thanks for the post about the parade, Kelly.

  3. Pasadena Adjacent Says:

    love the Buffalo Soldiers

  4. Petrea Says:

    Best post ever. Next year I want to go with you.

  5. DA Johnson Says:

    Nice…. one of the Best Parades, weather was great
    Keep SMILE(ing)

    I am passing this SMILE along

  6. DA Johnson Says:

    Looking forward to more

  7. CMiddle Says:

    I never knew Pasadena had a Black History Parade. Lots of fun!!!! The ICEF Frederick Douglass Elementary School Drummers and Drill Team did an outstanding job!!! to be so little

  8. phinehas mosley Says:

    thats my CB Tarrance youth group holding the Pasadena black history banner. Im in the suit. this was the best year ever for me in this parade.

  9. Des Says:

    I see a pattern here. Where’s the March parade? And the April?
    Quick–before it’s May!

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