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Occupy the Rose Parade

I was fortunate enough to receive a couple of seats to the Rose Parade this year. If you watched the parade on TV and saw the opening musical number, I was sitting near the performers who popped up and belted out their lines. I noticed them before the show started and they had that far away look in their eyes like Laurence Harvey in The Manchurian Candidate. Perhaps that what the specter of appearing national television does to one’s psyche.

People seemed to have a problem with the concept of Occupy the Rose Parade, but the intent was not to disrupt the parade. Why not take advantage of an opportunity when the streets are blocked off and people are watching to express one’s opinion? After all, those Jesus people do the same thing every year.

The music is courtesy of the Rose Parade—it’s the “good bye, we’ll see you next year” music. Of course, seeing the Constitution roll by with “Sentimental Journey” playing…well, the irony was not lost on yours truly.  Oops…the song is Moonlight Serenade.  Thanks, PetreaMr. Earl mentioned it was Moonlight Serenade on Facebook too.  In any case, as you can hear in the video, the music was terrifically loud…

The music was more upbeat by the time the Octopus rolled by (anyone know the name of the tune)?


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4 thoughts on “Occupy the Rose Parade

  1. I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help here. The music in the first video isn’t “Sentimental Journey” (, and I don’t recognize the music in the second video at all.

    I, too, thought they made a good showing. The TV stations missed a great opportunity by not showing them. What shameful chickens. Huffpo had a nice article.

  2. “I noticed them before the show started and they had that far away look in their eyes like Laurence Harvey in The Manchurian Candidate.” More so the audience, I’d wager.

    What kind of half-wit would camp on a cold sidewalk all night to watch Mickey or Pluto or Salute to the Riverside go by in starts and fits. Parades scare me, even more than clowns.

  3. It’s not the parade that scares me. I find crowds of that size claustrophobic. It’s not a comfortable way to watch a performance of any kind, and I certainly wouldn’t camp out all night to have the experience.

    However, I’m glad for the people who do. The economy, blah blah, you know.

  4. But who has the scoop on the elderly fellow that got dumped (unoccupied) by his faithful Palomino? something about the horses tail getting stuck in the handlebar of one of the “men in white” scooter guys…And when they walked off the route, (he did not remount) where did they go? how did they get through the crowds and to where?

    made me feel bad

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