O California!

Or to be more precise, O Santa Ynez Valley!

I have a new job working for a large bureaucracy, but I can’t tell you more than that because I signed something or other swearing me to secrecy.  I haven’t worked in many large institutions, and my head is spinning with wonder.  If you take the one bureaucracy I’m in and multiply it by the number of bureaucracies worldwide…well, don’t do it.  Your head will explode.

The Scout is carrying on without me—most recently in the Santa Ynez Valley.  One of my favorite places evah.

When The Scout called me from The Hitching Post, I groaned out loud.

He had a pork chop, but I have a paycheck.


7 Responses to “O California!”

  1. altadenahiker Says:

    He wins, most definitely.

  2. Kelly Russell Says:

    Yeah, because he gets a pork chop, a paycheck and a job that mostly takes place in the great wide open.

  3. Petrea Says:

    Scout scores. The photos are more delicious than pork chops.

  4. Pasadena Adjacent Says:

    These were all taken with film? Is he using filters? Gorgeous

  5. Ann Erdman Says:

    I love that area. Do we get to guess who you’re working for that swears you to secrecy? CIA, perhaps?!

  6. Houdi Says:

    Oh Man! You went to work for the PUSD didn’t you? Well I don’t blame them for wanting you on their side. Best wishes for you in your new job! 🙂 Vote No on CC!

  7. Kelly Russell Says:

    @PA – Yes on film, yes with filters.
    @AE – Guess away. Here’s a hint…they advertise.
    @Houdi – Hahaha! I’ve had many fantasies about (fill in blank) to the bureaucracy that resides on (insert relevant address here).

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