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Subscribing to comments

It’s a nice feature, isn’t it? Caveat emptor, baby.

I read a great post from Nerdy Apple Bottom about her son’s Halloween costume.  Some hater-moms at her son’s school expressed their disapproval.  You can read the post hereOne thing is for sure: The Mom Who Rocks is the Mom Who Lets You Pick Your Own Halloween Costume and Doesn’t Care If You Turn Out Gay.  AND if you do turn out gay, it’s highly unlikely that a Halloween costume made you that way.

Turns out there are people in this great land of ours who side with the hater-moms.  I subscribed to the comment thread just in time for it to ‘blow up’ (in the current vernacular of all things terrorist).  It’s so blown up and so gone viral that it’s taking me the better part of an hour to clean up my e-mail in-box.  Well, more.

So the next time you read that really fascinating blog post, think twice before subscribing to the comments.  A simple bookmark will do.  Google reader will do too.

All comments welcome, including any snarky techno-geek comments about how I should have known better…Or at least subscribed using a gmail account.

Congratulations to Nerdy Apple Bottom on her new-found readership!

The non sequitur photo to this dry-as-toast post:  The Scout making the museum an interactive experience.


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5 thoughts on “Subscribing to comments

  1. Love the picture!

    This hasn’t happened to me–yet. You can always unsubscribe, but it sounds like your inbox was overloaded before you had the chance. I want to subscribe to your posts but I’ve somehow offended WordPress and I can’t. I keep complaining about that. Maybe I’ll go do something about it now.

  2. No geek suggestions from this quarter. I can’t figure out how not to get an earful when I do nothing more than click the little thumb on Facebook. Particularly irritating when I was just doing it to be polite.

    (That Scout — he’ a handful, isn’t he?)

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