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Impeach Jay Bybee

Who is Jay Bybee?  He’s a federal judge (life appointment) on the US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.  Yes, that very same Ninth Circuit that hears cases in Pasadena (among many other places).

Who is Jay Bybee?  He is the guy who signed off on the so-called “torture memos” while he was at the Office of Legal Counsel.  He was John Yoo’s supervisor.

Who is Jay Bybee?  He is the guy who defends the content of the torture memos, which controvert the Geneva Conventions.   From the New York Times, April 2009, ““The central question for lawyers was a narrow one; locate, under the statutory definition, the thin line between harsh treatment of a high-ranking Al Qaeda terrorist that is not torture and harsh treatment that is.  I believed at the time, and continue to believe today, that the conclusions were legally correct.”

There was a protest in Pasadena today.  It was an honor to stand with those who believe (in the words of one banner) that Torture is a Moral Issue.  The Department of Homeland Security rolled up about 90 minutes into the protest.  After asking how long we’d be there, they did a lot of standing around.

The closure of Abu Ghraib did not end enhanced interrogation; it simply moved it elsewhere.  If the USA wants to clean up its worldwide reputation, it is a no-brainer to quit using the techniques outlined in the torture memos.  Adherence to the Geneva Conventions would begin to mend our damaged reputation.

References and more information:

Bybee’s Bio on Wikipedia – scroll to the bottom for links to the torture memos

About the Office of Legal Counsel

How Jay Bybee Has Approved the Prosecution of CIA Operatives for Torture (via War is a Crime)

National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Counter Terror with Justice – Amnesty International

Veterans for Common Sense


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2 thoughts on “Impeach Jay Bybee

  1. Interesting. I came upon a passage from that book I was reading to you the other day, related to the subject of torture. I’m thinking about doing a post on it in the near future. I’ll link back to you if I do.

    btw: I once walked over to the federal building to get a picture of a cactus garden they have next to a pathway. The guard was on my tail immediately

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