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Topix Discussion Forums: The Thrill is Gone

Oh, who am I kidding?  There was never a thrill in the first place!  I wouldn’t know what was going on in Topix forums except I occasionally receive e-mails from people who want to let me know that I’m a hot topic of discussion.  These people also want to confirm that I don’t post on Topix.  I don’t post on Topix.  But there are some who believe I’m a paid troll, that I have kick-ass computer hacking abilities, and that I work for a large corporation.  These folks are mounting a legal case against me (!).  That will certainly be a challenge since I don’t post on Topix.

I won’t bore you with the details.  I trust this blog has a smart audience.  I know you don’t believe everything you read (on the Internet or elsewhere).  I know that if someone uses my name to post a comment on Topix that doesn’t sound like anything I’d say, then you’ll figure that someone is using my name.

Well, for anyone who really wants to see the crap, I offer: Comments #4, #6, #8, #11 and #12 over here.  Oh!  And comment #21, #24, and #29 (that last one is priceless).

There’s a whole lot more I could point you too, but trust me, you don’t want to waste your time reading a bunch of junk.

Ain’t the Internet grand???  Anyone else have an experience like this?


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

20 thoughts on “Topix Discussion Forums: The Thrill is Gone

  1. Chris Tolles aka The Lizard King.

    What a piece of work he is (and the people he attracts). Wheres Oprah when you need her. An expose ought to be done on this company.

  2. I need to hear everything! Tell me!

    I have recently been tortured by the meanest, craziest trolls in the history of humankind. AND I’ve recently had a crazy person file a restraining order against me.

    I feel your pain.

  3. Sadly we both know who started this nonsense. Do not respond to her. However a letter to Topix Corporate is in order, as many ugly threats have been made.

    You are right not to waste your time with these losers, and yes your blog audience knows it isn’t you.

  4. The “three evil divas” — you, me and MG — have certainly had more than our share of being bashed on the Internet by the unstable conspiracy theorists.

    Most recently it has been your turn in the murky spotlight of Topix. I’m glad you’re leaving it alone. I haven’t gone on Topix since you and I talked about it a few weeks ago. Freedom!!!

  5. Yes, do leave Topix alone. I haven’t looked at it much, because when I do it seems a forum for insanity. So why bother? Let the nutcases argue amongst themselves.

  6. @MG it has been done.

    @Petrea, you are right of course, but what does one do when she who won’t be named is inciting violence?

  7. It is easy to leave Topix alone when it remains in the silly arguments, nasty words realm. It’s quite different when your home address is published (as mine was again earlier this week). Believe me, they’re not putting my address out there because they want to know where to send the flowers and candy. In the minds of the crazy ones, I am wreaking havoc and law enforcement won’t do their job and put in my place. The implication is that they must take it upon themselves to stop me.

  8. Well look at this little apathy group in here. Don’t seem to have a care in the world. For starters I think this blog is all a lie. If this was really Kelly Russell posting in here, I’d be a little more concerned that you’re showing, if somebody was REALLY using your name and making threats to you, aside from just whining on a little blog like this.

    In case you’re not aware of it, there is a person on Topix using the name Kelly Russell and acting like Kelly Russell with other monikers, who is making death threats on a non stop basis and libeling people like crazy, with myself being the worst victim.

    And, if by some slim chance, you’re really not Kelly Russell, you didn’t even bother to mention the name of the person who first mentioned your name on Topix: Ever hear of Virginia Hoge?

    And, you Ann Erdman, who came on Topix to threaten me too, including taking out my one good eye, you’re pretty calm about all this. Throw your political career in the trash can. But that’s no biggie, right?

  9. One more question: Why aren’t any of you getting a court ordered subpoena to find out A: Who is pretending to be Kelly Russell and B: To see if Ann Erdman is really making the death threats, or somebody pretending to her, like that fake Kelly Russell, perhaps?

    Nawww, let’s just all sit around and talk about this along with the weather.

  10. Brilliant ladies. “I haven’t gone on Topix since you and I talked about it a few weeks ago.”

    Thanks you for confirming it was you people doing the trolling.

  11. Nah. Not gonna do it. Not gonna respond. And please don’t bore me with the ‘you responded by saying that you wouldn’t respond so this means you’re a troll” line of irrational thinking.

  12. Sure had a lot to say for not responding. The fact that the Pasadena PIO is involved in this kind of behavior is appaling. The fact that she admits to being on those forums shows what kind of people this little group consists of.

  13. @KR don’t talk to these delusional trolls, There are dozens of people claiming to be you just to bait them. We all know you don’t stoop down to participate on Topix

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