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Nadal’s Juicy Serve

I’ve been watching the US Open this week and I’ve been amazed by several things:

1. Rafa Nadal’s new and improved serve.  The guy never served in the 130 mph’s before, and now he does.

2. The explanation for Rafa’s new serve: grip change.  Not the gym, not practice.  Nope.  He changed his grip ‘a couple of days’ before the tournament.

3. The appearance of Rafa in the broadcasting booth at the beginning of the quarterfinal match between Djokovic and Monfils.  I watch a lot of tennis, and never ever does a top player appear in the broadcast booth at the beginning of a match.  Topic of discussion?  Rafa’s new grip.  He just happened to have a racket with him to demonstrate it.

Item number 3 above had ‘control the message’ written all over it. Continue reading “Nadal’s Juicy Serve”