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Where Canada Ends

On leaving VancouverWe checked in for the flight, and checked in one piece of luggage. We were hoping to go to one of the nicer (before-security) restaurants at that point, but no. Once you check your bag in, you must follow it.

So we went through security, and then something very strange happened. We went through customs.  We were welcomed back into these United States. Yes, before we ever left the ground, a giant “Welcome to the USA” sign greeted us in Customs.  When you get to the customs person, s/he scans your tag and pulls up an image of your bag.  If you waltz in 50 minutes after your bag is checked, the system has difficulty finding the image of your bag—this is why we had to follow the bag (or so we were told).

You know I wanted to take a photo of the ‘Welcome to the USA sign’ but I wasn’t fast enough to sneak a shot.  I even asked if I could take one.  Hahahahahaha.

Then I wondered:  If a pregnant woman gives birth after going through Customs, is the baby an American citizen?


Here’s a lovely bit of Canadian graffiti:

This was right outside the Diesel store on Robson Street.  A few days after I took this, the sign was still there but the graffiti was gone.


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2 thoughts on “Where Canada Ends

  1. I remember walking to Canada from Detroit.

    The Stupid ad campaign. I don’t think I’m going to remember the product it advertises.

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