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Darwin, California

People live here, but we didn’t see any.

I imagine if you live in Darwin, you are very thankful for Netflix.

Time to get up and move around:

We were so in phase in our dance hall days
We were cool on craze.
When I
You and everyone we knew could believe

Do and share in what was true.

–Wang Chung, Dance Hall Days

Darwin Dance Hall is one of the buildings yet to be vacated by Elvis.
This area was home to the Timbasha Shoshone (their website), displaced when Pres. Hoover hoovered up their land to create Death Valley National Monument.  The Timbasha Shoshone tribe received recognition by the US Government in 1983.  The Timbasha Shoshone Homeland Act was ratified in 2000: you can read about it here.  Hats off to those who have fought the federal government (for decades!) to get (a fraction) what belongs to them.
This guy is smiling on Darwin, though he’d probably be as surprised as any of us to find himself there.
There were many hunks of rusting metal in Darwin.  Why, if there were a war on you’d think that they’d need this metal.  I guess we’re either not in that kind of war, or not in that kind of metal market, or both.

You can just hear the echoing ping of target practice.


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