Choose Your Battles

Bush had to fight the war his father didn’t finish (ask Schwarzkopf). Obama took on the war his mother fought from her sick bed.

Just sayin’.

4 Responses to “Choose Your Battles”

  1. Petrea Says:

    A lot of people have been fighting this one and dying in the trenches. We needed someone brave enough to lead (and not give up).

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love that.

  3. Gaga 4 Dada Says:

    Bush the first did not leave his war unfinished. He wisely stopped when the mission objective was achieved. Bush the 2nd apparently had no clear mission. Not fair to compare the two. Kind of like blaming a parent for a child’s LD.

    As for health care, I can’t believe the republicans want to continue a fight they have already lost. This is there best plan for November? Really?

    Choosing one’s battles wisely is have the fight.

    Palin/Tancredo 2012!

  4. Sister Wolf Says:


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