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For those not keeping score at home, the Los Angeles Dodgers are the National League West champions. There are multiple reasons for this, and I’ll leave it to my betters to do the heavy-lifting on the analysis. For my part, I’ll offer up just three things: 1) The Dodgers bullpen showed up; 2) There was lots of nice hitting by lots of players; 3) Joe Torre’s continued used of Bigelow Green Tea. I think we’re all clear on the healing, restorative power of tea.

I’ve let this sleeping blog lie recently as I’m spending gobs of time organizing my high school reunion. It has taken a lot more time than I thought, due in large part to how Facebook works/doesn’t work. (One example, FB doesn’t allow you to attach a file to an e-mail sent through their system. So I couldn’t send the registration form through FB…had to do it through regular e-mail. Extra step x 50 people x other stuff = A Lot of Time.)

Back to baseball. I was at Dodger Stadium a couple of weeks ago and snapped these photos with my trusty cell phone cam. I was sitting behind home plate in the section with all the scouts from other teams. The Cardinals guy was sitting next to me, and in the row behind there was a guy with a MASSIVE, diamond-encrusted, NY Yankees ring. I *had* to take a picture.


I love it that men celebrate their victories with huge diamond rings. This one was obtained in 1999, when Joe Torre’s Yankees won the World’s Series.

Two kids (brothers) were sitting next to me. They said they’d sneaked down from the Top Deck, no mean feat at Dodger Stadium. The wearer of the ring offered them a chance to try it on.

Brothers with ring
Brothers with ring

That’s the owner of the ring in the pale peach on the right hand side of the frame. Nice guy. Very comfortable with complete strangers/Dodger fans oogling his bling. He’s now with the Giants.


I love it that these brothers made it down to field level and got to see this ring up close and personal. I love it that the owner of the ring was so simpatico. I love baseball.


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

8 thoughts on “Baseball

  1. I was beginning to wunder if you weren’t keeping score: Where’s her annual baseball posting? Doesn’t she know it’s playoff time? Is she still alive?

    Nice make up post. And, yes, men tend to celebrate with huge things on themselves.

  2. I am the owner ( very lucky) to have a couple of world championship rings. It makes me feel good when somebody always wants to see the ring or take a photo it is appreciated. it is my trophy to wear.

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