Photos of the Station Fire, La Canada

Station Fire, La Canada Flintridge, CA.  3:00 pm, 28 August 2009.


Fire over Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


At the entrance to La Vina, Altadena.


Watching the action at the intersection of Windsor and Ventura, Altadena, CA.


NBC sets up.


Northbound on Lincoln Avenue, Pasadena.

All photos © Tim Down

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12 Responses to “Photos of the Station Fire, La Canada”

  1. Christina Says:

    While you were watching the action from Windsor and Ventura, you were standing across the street from my house.

    Scary stuff. I’ve got packed bags, if necessary.

  2. Kolby Says:

    That’s crazy. It’s so close!

  3. gaga 4 dada Says:

    Wow, great photos. I stood on the north face of my balcony and watched the fire through binoculars last night. Against the night sky it resembled solar flares.

  4. Ann Erdman Says:

    All the photos are very sobering, aren’t they? The City of Pasadena’s most recent wildfire prevention and air quality alert is on my blog at

  5. Cafe Observer Says:

    Really wunderful shots of the Fire!
    To me it look a lot worse since this morning.

    And, that car in the 1st photo just seemed to make that photo something!

  6. Pasadena Adjacent Says:

    I had no idea the fire was above La Vina Thursday night. I’ve been watching from JPL the last two evenings. Actually I’m confused as to where the fire is and has been. Is the fire station still standing? the teepee?, Brown Mountain junction, Echo mountain?

    Like the photo with the guys in orange. Seems appropriate

  7. pippi Says:

    You should have seen all the people out at midnight, taking it in. The streets were lined with cars and trucks and people with cameras.

    It isn’t close to Echo at this time PA.

  8. Hans Says:

    What is left standing.

    Here is my thought.

    Brown Mt Junction – gone last night.

    El Prieto – gone this morning

    Millard – Could have gone towards 5pm – they were defending it with air, but a lot has happened since 4pm.

    My thought is Sunset Ridge is likely gone now with it working onto Mt. Lowe as we speak.

  9. Margaret Says:

    Just tremendously sad.

  10. Petrea Says:

    My friend has a cabin in Millard Canyon. They wouldn’t let him in, so he doesn’t know.

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    […] West Coast Grrlie Blather offers up some photos around JPL and Pasadena. […]

  12. SGV Bloggers do a fire round-up « Daily News Says:

    […] West Coast Grrlie Blather offers up some photos around JPL and Pasadena. […]

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