I’ll Take the High Road


White’s Point Bluff Park, San Pedro. Photo copyright Tim Down.

6 Responses to “I’ll Take the High Road”

  1. gaga 4 dada Says:

    “I’ll Take the High Road”

    I do not think you capable of doing anything less.

  2. Maryland Doge Says:

    that’s fine


  3. Cafe Observer Says:

    Ok, you’ll take the get high road.
    That leaves da resta of them the low road…

  4. Ann Erdman Says:

    Well that’s just gorgeous. Looks like a great place R&R after having taken the high road!

  5. altadenahiker Says:

    He’s damn good, isn’t he?

  6. Petrea Says:

    Not necessarily an easy one to drive, but it’s always got the best scenery and the least traffic.

    That Scout. Lovely shot by a master.

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