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Getting the Message Out…or IN

I’m in the midst of planning my high school reunion. It will start on Guy Fawkes Day – though I don’t anticipate that we will build a bonfire in the hotel lobby.

Among other e-outreach activities, I set up a Facebook page for the event. The FB page contains info about the date, the city, the hotel, etc. I think it is pretty clear. Yet people still leave comments or send me e-mails asking where and when the reunion will be.

This puzzles me. I think I’ve laid out the basic information very clearly, yet some people don’t seem to be able to grasp what it actually right there in front of them.

Come to think of it, the first time “Carolina Logue” (the nom de plume of a parody blog writer) left a comment here, I deleted it. I didn’t read it carefully—it was more like I got a whiff of skunk and my eyes were too busy rolling back in my head to focus on the words. Later, when I got another comment from “Carolina” I saw that “she” was on a computer in Philadelphia. Thank you,, for revealing the IP address of commenters! Feh on blogspot for not doing the same!

So in the plainest speak possible: Aaron Proctor was Carolina Logue, author of the Pasadena Newer Progressive. With no help from anyone but his girlfriend, Kat.  You can read my previous post explaining all this here.


Fatigue. I have tried to be patient toward the mentally ill who need care but don’t get it. But recently I hit my limit of patience toward those who exhibit signs of mental illness and are mean-spirited, spiteful, and paranoid; those who hurl false accusations in every direction based on misinformation and a misunderstanding of free speech. At the same time, to try and engage in meaningful discussion with such a person is impossible. So where does that leave us?


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

15 thoughts on “Getting the Message Out…or IN

  1. “…At the same time, to try and engage in meaningful discussion with such a person is impossible. So where does that leave us?….”

    I hate to say it but for your own sanity sometimes you have to write some people off. They are not worth your time or trouble. If they become a danger to themselves or others then the authorities may have to become involved.

    As for your first point: folks want the path of least resistance,
    I have handed call sheets to people only to have them ask “what time is call?”.

  2. Hope the following is enlightening,

    Symptoms of Paranoia

    The main symptom is permanent delusion. It should be kept in mind that there is delusion in schizophrenia also but in that case it is not permanent or organized. In paranoia the symptoms of delusion appear gradually, and the patient is sentimental, suspicious, irritable, introverted, depressed, obstinate, jealous, selfish, unsocial and bitter. Hence his social and family adjustment is not desirable, and while he has the highest desirable, the effort that he is prepared to expend is correspondingly little. Here the person does not acknowledge his own failures or faults, and by sometimes accepting certain qualities as belonging to himself, even when imaginary, he develops paranoia.

    The “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, fourth edition (DSM-IV), the US manual of the mental health professional; lists the following symptoms for paranoid personality disorder:

    * preoccupied with unsupported doubts about friends or associates
    * suspicious; unfounded suspicions; believes others are plotting against him/her
    * perceives attacks on his/her reputation that are not clear to others, and is quick to counterattack
    * maintains unfounded suspicions regarding the fidelity of a spouse or significant other
    * reads negative meanings into innocuous remarks
    * reluctant to confide in others due to a fear that information may be used against him/her

    Kinds of paranoia

    1. Persecutory paranoia – This is the most prevalent type of paranoia, and in this patient makes himself believe that all those around him are his enemies, bent on harming him or even taking his life. In this delusion people of an aggressive temperament often turns dangerous killers.
    2. Delusion of Grandeur – In this patient believes himself to be, a great individual, and according to Bleuler, this delusion of grandeur accompanies a persecutory delusion.
    3. Religious paranoia – Here the patients suffer from a permanent delusion of a primarily religious nature. He for example believes, that he is the messenger of God who has been sent to the world to propagate some religion.
    4. Reformatory paranoia – In this the patient turns to considering himself a great reformer. He accordingly looks upon all those around him. As suffering from dangerous disease, and believes that he is their reformer and curator.

  3. I’d like to think that this post clarifies past events. I’d like to think the recent kinder gentler post on the other blog is indicative of such understanding. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

  4. GP: I know who you are!

    Gaga: Wow, thanks for posting the description of paranoia. Highly elucidating. Two thumbs up on the write off idea.

    SC: Sorry ’bout that – I did make quite a leap. AP is happily ensconced in FB, his newest playground. Humor is AP’s forte, but it isn’t for everyone.

    CP: So true!

    blip: Yeah, it would. But I don’t have a lot of hope.

    CO: Are you some kind of revolutionary?

    AmyR: Fire does add a festive element to even the most dour occasions, doesn’t it?

  5. I think Kelly is trying to clarify that She Who Shall Not Be Named shows some tell-tale signs of severe mentall ilness and that picking on her is like picking on a retard in a helmet. It might be funny to some but, after a while, everyone (including those with not so many verbal scruples such as yours truly) thinks it’s pretty sad.

    And I have nothing to do with the “newd” parody blog. I’d like to take credit for it. But there are other creative souls out there with the same disdain for you-know-who’s-antics including a tea and Charles Dickens fetishist.

    And I’m happily ensconced in Philadelphia, yes.

  6. I learned a long time ago to not argue with certain people. It’s like arguing with a drunk – pointless and futile. The best thing to do is to not engage ony any level and simply walk away. It’s difficult when you are being called names and your friends and family are pulled into it – but the best thing to do is simply walk away.

    The truth is apparent and it always comes out. I have relatives who are so bat shit crazy that they have developed their own sense of reality. You can have 3 or 4 people point out to them what they are lying about and they still spin their own thread or web of truth which to them makes perfect sense and all the while you are just getting yourself worked up because your like “HELLO!!!!!”

    So – it’s simply just easier to walk away from it. Certain blogs in town I read for e-n-t-e-r-t-a-i-n-m-e-n-t purposes only. Others I read and blog on because I feel that people get me and I get them.

    Hopefully this too shall pass because it’s getting old as hell.

  7. It’s getting really old. And some people really, really need to watch it because their blogs come off more like a crazy ex-girlfriend than a crazy political pundit.

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