Lakenheath High School

I’m interrupting my Vegas series because I just found this photo over at the Lakenheath ning site.

LHS Kathy Soden 1

Lakenheath High School, ca. 1977. This is what my high school looked like, people! (Same photo but bigger, better here.)

Kathy Soden Grant posted this photo with the caption: “The Smoking Area – Can anyone tell me how we got a smoking area?” I supposed we had a smoking area at school because we were all given ration cards to buy cigarettes when we turned 16…just another iteration of the relationship between the military and the cigarette industry. Of course, most of us dabbled in smoking cigarettes or became outright addicted long before turning 16.

I gave up smoking when I was 14 because Kevin Foley didn’t like it. It didn’t help with my relationship with Kevin, but I’m a happy non-smoker to this day.

I do believe that Phil Mason is the guy on the left (in the letter jacket) walking toward the camera. And to the right–the center person in the group of 3–Peggy Gralish?

Ahem. Pardon my nostalgia. I have a clinically certifiable case.

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8 Responses to “Lakenheath High School”

  1. altadenahiker Says:

    I have fond memories of smoking in the girl’s room

  2. Pasadena Adjacent Says:

    Really, free cigarettes? your own smoking area? I’d have loved your school.

  3. Marinkina Says:

    Да,aleks,побороть лень, действительно иногда очень сложно..

  4. altadenahiker Says:

    Well, of course, no one can argue with marinkina.

  5. dbs Says:

    I find the 1977 photo wholly romantic. I guess I have a clinically certifiable case.

  6. Sheron Emmerling Says:

    I went to Lakenheath High School and graduated in 1982, I remember the smoking area fondly. Also remember the day Room? Now that was cool!!!

  7. jerry fender Says:

    I went to LAKENHEATH in 84 thrue 86.Remember the art teacher Mr Scott.

  8. Frank D Kelley '66 Says:

    Do visit The Day Room Years…….. You will glad you did….

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